April A-Z Challenge

Hello lovelies.

Today I’m gonna be talking about my nemesis The April A-Z Challenge.

What is it? You might ask

Well, the A-Z Challenge is a fun little challenge for bloggers all over the world. The goal is to post 26 blogposts in April, one each day excluding Sundays. Each post has to correspond to the next letter in the alphabet.
So, April 1st = A and so on. You can choose to follow the normal subjects and themes of your blog, or you can choose a specific theme for all your April posts.

Why should you do it?

It’s fun, challenging and a great community. You get to do all kinds of fun thinking when having to come up with a blog post fitting that day’s letter, and you get to prove to yourself you could do it.

So, why is it my nemesis?

I have done the A-Z challenge twice and each time I have failed so badly. One year I started new work and got so stressed I couldn’t manage to even check my blog daily. The next year I had so many things planned in april it was stupid to think I could do it (but I’m ever the optimist).

But, I still wanna do the A-Z challenge and 2020 is gonna be my year to defeat it.

Hope to see you there

Love, Tea

6 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge

    1. It is very hard and I’ve only done it a few times. I’m not gonna do it this year because of new work that’s swallowing all of my time, but it’s such a fun thing that I wanted to share 😊


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