Book Review – A Dark Anatomy by Robin Blake

I found the book in a local book store that got a small section of English books. While I do enjoy reading books in Danish, I prefer reading English books in English. I didn’t know anything about the book, but was drawn in by the cover, and after reading the back cover, I knew I had to take it home.

I started reading it that night but actually ended up stopping before getting really into it. Now that wasn’t the books fault at all, but I had just finished reading a very interesting book in a series, and my head was still filled with it, so I simply couldn’t concentrate on new characters. I put the book back in my to be read pile and it stayed there for a few weeks before I got back to it.And then I started reading, and I didn’t stop until I reached the end.

The plot:

In 1740’s England, a squires wife is found dead under a great old oak, her throat slashed. Coroner Titus Cragg and Doctor Luke Fidelis are on the case and have to navigate politics, superstition, and the different social layers of life, to try and find the killer.

My opinion:

The story isn’t fast paced, but it fits the setting, and the overall feel of the story. The characters truly come to life, and I was completely caught up in the story and the characters lives. The murder investigation drew me in and I couldn’t stop reading because I needed to know what happened next.

The setting seemed very authentic to 1740 England, though I admit my knowledge of that time period is limited. But nothing made me go “Oh, this seems wrong.” But at the same time the story isn’t trying to be pretentious about it, so the author really managed to pull of a great balance.

The main character, Cragg, has quite a personality and his way of thinking is interesting. He is both a progressive man and very much a man of his time, and the mix is a nice blend that makes him more than just your normal “detective”.

I highly recommend the book to anyone who loves a good mystery.

Love, Tea

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Author, coffee lover, claims to be a Viking but gets terribly seasick. Currently working on Dragonthrone. Buy Book 1 - Dragonslayer, on Amazon

One thought on “Book Review – A Dark Anatomy by Robin Blake

  1. I never heard of this book, but the premise sounds very interesting so adding it to my list! I am Italian and have the same thing with reading in my language, I much prefer to read in English!


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