My writing time

As I mentioned in my last post, 2019 haven’t been the best year for my creativity. But, things are starting to look up now, so with that in mind, and to motivate myself a bit more, I wanted to share how my writing time works.
My writing time is divided into different parts, but every part is connected and I can move between them easily.  Each part have a set of things I need to do. Some of them are daily, some of them I do a few times a week. Knowing what each part contains help to build a habit, and rhythm in my work:

– Check that everything is up to date
– Answer any new comments
– Write new posts
– Find pictures

Social media:
– Post a few new things
– Share blogposts
– Check out new followers and follow back
– Answer comments
– Engage with people
– Join post sharing and blogging threads
– Read blogs, and comment on them (one of my favourite things to do. It can be such a time stealer but I love it.)

– Write (I try to get at least 400 words down every day)
– Edit (I am not an edit as you go person. So I’ll write on one project and edit on another project)
– Planning
– Checking up on schedules

I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of writing for an author, but the 400 words is my minimum (5 days a week). I know people who can easily write 5000 words every day, and I think they are amazing, but I simply can’t do it. That is one of the reasons I no longer do NaNoWriMo (National novel writing month – where the goal is to write 50K words in one month). I can do it, and have done it more than once, but I’m also completely burned out when I get to the end, and the product I end up with is often such a mess it ends up needing a complete rewrite anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Tea

I love to hear from my readers, so leave a comment and brighten my day <3

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