I’m gonna cut sugar… again

In January I took the step to cut out sugar for a whole month. Now, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and I knew I needed to decide exactly what sugar meant. After some looking around I decided that for me, it was all those empty calorie sugars I wanted to get rid of.

So, in January I cut out:

All added sugar
All cakes
All candy/sweets/chocolate
All soda (unless zero sugar)
All junkfood and ready to eat food (because those are often filled with sugar to make it taste better)
Generally food that I knew was filled with sugar

I started the day I returned from new year visits at my parents (January 5th).

And let me tell you, it was hard. It was so freaking hard I was ready to quit 20 times every single day. Those first ten days my body protested all the time. It needed sugar and junk food and was more than happy to tell me.

But, slowly it got better. And at the end of January I even managed to quit my beloved coke zero that I’ve been drinking for years and years. I didn’t cut out sugar completely, but tried to keep it to a single tiny little sugary treat once a week or so. One week I enjoyed a bit of dark chocolate with blueberries (which was so good) and another week I baked a carrot cake with my kids.

Now for the important part, what happened after that month?

Well, a lot happened. I felt better. I had more energy and actually slept better at night. I didn’t feel the need to eat constantly and that need to go look in the cupboards after dinner was almost gone. I also didn’t crave fatty things as I did before. Also my craving for empty carbs went down a lot. White bread, pasta, white rice and so on was something I ate daily, and suddenly I could happily eat a salad and feel full.

All in all since January 5th I lost almost 4 kilos. Now keep in mind I didn’t go totally healthy. I still ate gravy and cheese (all the cheese) and butter and all the bacon. I ate lots of nuts and dried fruits. And I still had freshly baked bread with butter and cheese every Sunday. But even though my calorie intake was probably pretty high, I felt better and my system seemed happier.

It was a really cool thing to go through, and I was very set on not going back to the old ways. Feeling the difference was so wild and it really showed how much I “poisened” my body by stuffing it with all the wrong kind of things. I even managed to keep the healthy going and lost another few kilos, making my total weightloss 7 kg in 6 months.

And now?

Well, summer happened. 12 days vacation with the boyfriend and kids. Vacation with the parent. My sister and her kid visited for a week. Then I got my operation, boyfriend came to stay another week, bithday, weekend away with my sister. You get the idea. Lots of excuses to not be healthy. I simply fell back to the old stupid habits of cakes and candy and sweet stuff.

But, that’s done now. I went back on the scale this monday (with horror), and had to admit that I’ve put on 4 kg again.  But, I’m back on the horse, so to speak. I’m cutting sugar, and aiming for a lot more healthy diet (meaning less cheese and bacon 😢). My goal is to get rid of 15 kg before May 2020, and then around another 10 kg. Then I’ll be just comfy in the middle of the healthy zone for my hight and body type.

And, now I’ve shared it with all of you, and hopefully that’ll help me in the moments where I feel weak and get tempted by delicious cakes.

Have you ever tried cutting sugar? How did you react?

And do you have any goals for your weight?

Love, Tea

24 thoughts on “I’m gonna cut sugar… again

  1. It’s soo hard!! I’m on the same journey, but I decided to have something very small each friday (like a small ice cream or so). But during the weeks, it’s so, so easy to just get something without even thinking about it! It did get easier after a while, I don’t have to go and put things back because I took it by accident anymore XD

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    1. Gods yes, that impulse no thinking shopping. It’s like my brain sees a “on sale” sign and goes “oh that’s cheap” and never stops to think if I really need a family size pack of candy 😣
      Good luck on your journey 🍀

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  2. That was so great that you fully cut out sugar the first time, I’m not too sure I could do it because of my love for all things bad for you! I definitely want to try to cut out a lot more sugar that I’m currently eating because I know it will make me feel better! X

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    1. It was so hard, but it did make me feel a lot better in the log run. And now that I’m back at it (day 4) I’m having a slight headache (which just shows how bad too much sugar really is) but I’m already feeling a lot better.


    1. I wouldn’t (couldn’t) cut sugar from my diet completely for the rest of my life. But I do want to try and limit my intake, and to kind of reset my body from all the cravings, cutting it out for a time really helps. Even of I wanna cry on the phone to my boyfriend when I’m walking past the bakery and they have donuts on sale 😛


  3. This is really interesting – I’ve always wondered whether cutting sugar from my diet would have an impact on my life and it sounds like it actually does make a difference! Everybody goes through ups and downs, but good luck with trying again!

    Jas xx

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    1. It had a really big impact on my life last time, and I can already feel the difference here on day four. And you can always try a shorter period of time or just cutting some of the sugar out of your diet. it’s not like all sugar is bad for you, but there is just so much processed sugar in so much of our food.

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  4. I once cut sugar for a month to go with this “detox” hot chocolate powder that I was trying for a review. Worst month of my life but the cravings do subside! Naturally life had its way after that and I’m back on the ol’ cakes and chocolate addiction. Kudos to you for doing it xx

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    1. Hehe yeah it’s so hard to keep it, but I’m not a total sugar fanatic and while I’m very strict right now (basically I’m an addict having to stop using my favorite drug – sugar) my goal is to get a more moderate and normal relationship with the delicious goodness ❤️

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  5. I’m not going to lie, while I love the idea of cutting sugar, I would have a REALLY hard time sticking to this! I may not indulge in a lot of sugar regularly but I fully admit to having a sweet tooth. Congratulations on demonstrating such great willpower.

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  6. My mom and I had a “No sugar challenge” during the month of June. It was brutal! It’s amazing how many food products have added sugar. Like ketchup, salad dressings and tons of other food items that I never really thought about. I really enjoyed the challenge and felt a lot better about my look, weight, and health.

    Unfortunately, I chose the beginning of summer to start the challenge so it only lasted a few weeks. I am actually planning on restarting the no sugar in October! I gained weight after my surgery and sugar is a big factor lol Oh well, have to enjoy life sometimes!

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    1. Hehe yeah, summer was my downfall too. The problem is so many things in life includes sweets and you never realize before you try to avoid them. Halloween, christmas, bithdays, summer vacations – it’s all filled with sugar stuff hehe. But I’m trying to stay strong this time. And having a clear goal (family weekend with the whole extended family including uncles, aunts, and cousins) helps too.


    1. Hehe yeah, I’m a bit extreme but it’s not just getting rid of sugar but breaking a habit for me, so I’m taking strong measures 😋 but yeah, getting rid of some of the bad sugars is always good for your body. And as a bonus, things filled with the bad sugar is often also filled with bad additives, so you’re doing your body a double favor when cutting down on it 😊

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  7. I like the idea of cutting out sugar, but I just can’t do it. Even seeing the pic of the sweets youve got on here made me reach for another chocolate biscuit! The weird thing is that I was never bothered by sweet things until I was pregnant, and then it was all I craved, and the cravings still haven’t gone away over 2 years later!!

    It’s interesting to read about the difference its made with your cravings for fatty things and empty carbs 🤔

    Im kind of thinking I should cut down now!

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