My weekend away

Once a year me and my oldest sister goes away for a weekend. When we started doing it, we planned on finding a new place every year, but the first place we went to, we fell in love with and we’ve never gotten to another place.

The weekend is filled with good food, lots of wine, bubbles, and drinks.

We also do a lot of work, as we plan social media for a whole year for her business, but it doesn’t really feel like work when you’re drinking bubbles while doing it.

Our stay is from friday to monday, and we eat so much food.

(This is just a small look at all the food we ate that weekend – and please remember I’m not a food photographer)

And while it’s a work weekend, it’s so damn relaxing and we do do stuff like dress up for dinner every night, and go for walks in the beautiful area. It’s the perfect combination of work and self-care. This year, even though we went fairly late in the year, we where so lucky with the weather. A last blast of warm weather hit the area so we could sit outside working (wearing sweaters) and the rain mostly stayed away. I’m already looking forward to next time.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Tea

25 thoughts on “My weekend away

  1. Aww, this sounds like such a great way to get work done but do it so happily, you do not feel like it is work. That food looks amazing and I know the time with your sister must have been wonderful.

    Once a year is do-able and you know you LOVE a place when you keep going back. I have not found such a place yet.

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