10 things to love about fall

I love all seasons in the year, but fall has a special place in my heart. I don’t handle the summer heat well (even if we don’t get that hot here in summer) so when summer turns to fall, my energy goes up and I feel fully alive again. With that, here’s my top things I love about fall.

Crunchy leaves and chestnuts:

There is something about brown and orange crunchy leaves that makes me smile. And taking the kids out collecting chestnuts (though the non edible kind) so we can make little chestnut animals just makes me so happy.


Fall means warm, creamy soups. Pumpkin, potato, vegetable, mushroom. Or delicious chicken soup with fresh bread. Soups is a favorite of mine, and fall is the perfect time to make them.


Just like soups, stews is a stable dinner in fall. It’s the perfect dinner to make on the weekend. I like to put it all into a big pot, put the lit on and leave it to simmer in the oven for 4 hours or so. The right amount of time to take the kids for a walk in the park.

Dark nights and candles

When fall comes around it bring dark nights with it. The perfect conditions for lots of candles. Candles in the windows to make it look cozy from the outside. Candles on the coffee table when I watch a movie. Candles on the dinner table as we eat. Candles and fall go together hand in hand.

Apple pies

Fall is apple season. Fresh, danish apples with that crispy bite and sweetness, perfect for home made apple pies.

Blankets and books

Colder weather means evenings under blankets, reading good books. If you feel really cozy, a warm cup of cocoa is a good idea.

Apple cider

Now, you can buy apple cider year round, but for some reason it just taste better when it’s fall. My favorite is a very low alcohol (0.3) cider with just the right mix of bitter and sweetness.


Colder weather means getting to pull out all my knit sweaters. Sweaters can be used for every kind of outfit, and they just make me feel so cozy.

Hokus pokus

Halloween isn’t a big thing in Denmark (despite stores trying to make it so, the last ten years). So you don’t see kids on the streets in costumes and the candy craze isn’t really a thing. But, I do enjoy carving a pumpkin with the kids, and at least once in october I watch Hokus Pokus. I have loved that movie since I was a small kid.

Coffee and rain

Denmark is a very wet country. Our average number of rainy days is around 170 a year. And we don’t really have a “dry” season. That said, we do have the most rainy days in fall, which is the perfect reason to stay at home and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the rain.


That’s my top ten favorites about fall.

What’s your’s favorite fall things?

Love, Tea

12 thoughts on “10 things to love about fall

    1. Pumpkin soup is wonderful but I think my favorite might be the root vegetable one. I love the colors and the taste, and especially when my local store got fresh from the farm vegetables, and I get to have the kids in the kitchen and teach them how to wash and care for the vegetable and turn them into healthy food.


  1. Ahh I love your post! Hallowee isn’t crazy big in the UK either but it is growing, and since moving out of a big town to a little village many more kids trick or treat at our house which is great! Love Fall! Great post xx

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes 🙂
          In the tiny town I grew up in (we were a total of 114 people) we would walk on new years eve’s day. we kids would start around 9 am and walk to every house, wishing happy new year and get some candy. It kept us busy while the parent prepared for the party at night.


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