I am always up for fun and games, and love to take part in fun challenges. I’ve done the A-Z challenge twice – and sadly failed both times, but I’ve learned to plan a lot better since then, so next year is my year to win. And Booktober is always fun.

But today I learned about Blogtober and I’m so exited.

So what is it?

Blogtober is all about blogging. The rules are simple, you just post a new blogpost every day of October (sounds easy right – lol). You can choose any subject you like to post about, so you can keep to the normal themes of your blog. But with that said, Autumn and Books do seem to be popular choices.

Why should you do it?

Well, this is very individual of course. It all depends on what your blog is all about. But fun, community and engagement is big on the list. And of course to prove to yourself that you can do the challenge.

But, how do I come up with so many ideas for one single month?

Don’t worry, I got you covered. Head over HERE and read my 40 Fall inspired blog post ideas.

I hope you feel inspired to have some fun.

October for me is busy this year with starting work on a new project, so I suddenly have to be out of the house for 37 hours a week, so I’m not gonna make Blogtober this year (cry face) but I’m already getting excited for next year and I can’t wait to read all the amazing blogposts.

Have a wonderful fall

Love, Tea

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