Let's talk about motivation, because motivation is a funny size. You often hear the phrase “I don’t have the motivation…” as an excuse to not do things. I’ve used it way to much myself.   But what is motivation other than a kick in the ass? It’s not like motivation appears from thin air. Motivation [...]

I want a kitten

I love cats. Cat’s are awesome, fun, cute and fit my personality perfectly. I love their way of playing, their individuality, and their soft little paws. I love that they are little killing machines in a cute disguise. I love that cat’s are the ultimately self-care animals. They are all about feeling good, taking care [...]

Claiming my name

Claiming my name

I have previously talked about Claiming my Instagram and Claiming my Style, but today, I’m claiming my name. For years, since I started blogging, I’ve used the name Raven Black. It all came about because I joined an online writing community, and have a name that’s not exactly normal or easy to say in English [...]

Sweaters and pearls

For years and years I’ve been stuck in the same old rut of wearing black and dark colors and to be honest I hated it, but I felt stuck in that choice. I wanted to go more feminine. To wear colors and pretty stuff. But every time I tried on clothes like that I felt [...]