Hello October

September is gone, and what an exciting month it’s been. I finally made the move from my old to my new website. It took a lot of work to get everything as I like it but I’m slowly getting there, I think 🙂 I’m also trying to learn more about using Pinterest (If any of you got blog posts about that, feel free to leave them in the comments) as I love Pinterest and want to learn to use it more effectively.

And, even though summer gave us a last few warm days, September was also the month were autumn arrived with cold, crisp air, rain and wind. The trees are slowly starting to turn and I’ve already collected the first few chestnuts. If you’re looking for some fall inspiration for your blog, I made a post about that here.

September also brought two wonderful things with it. First it was my birthday (yay birthday) and secondly I spend a weekend away with my sister. Both were wonderful things that’s given me loads of energy, which I’m gonna need this October.

Because, I’ve started a 4 week internship that I’m very hopeful will end up in a job in the end. It’s very exciting stuff and I get to use my writing skills and be around people. Yay 🙂

October is gonna be filled with work, three birthdays and a weeks school break, so I’m gonna be real busy. This also means I don’t have time for neither Blogtober nor Booktober this year, but I’m gonna be doing them both next year 🙂

Have a lovely Autumn.

Love, Tea

21 thoughts on “Hello October

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday!! Good luck with your internship! My September was crazy busy, I’m glad my October will be “normal.” Busy months are fun, but definitely a tad overwhelming!

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  2. Happy October! I hope you had a great birthday and wish you luck with you internship. I’m trying to up my Pinterest game too, so please share any tips you find. 😊

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