Claiming my instagram

Me and instagram have had a very love/hate relationship.

I started using Instagram back when all I blogged about was writing and I very quickly got stuck on Instagram. I never new what to post and when I posted something it felt meh.

So, I decided to say fuck it and I deleted all my pics and just used insta as a place to look at other people’s pictures.

But… I’m kind of stubborn, and there was no way an app was gonna beat me. So on to the mighty google and Pinterest I went and I started researching.

And in came themes. So many pretty themes. I was sold. I loved flatlays and decided to start doing themselves. And let me tell you, those take forever to make. But, it was really fun and I would do it for like an afternoon, while drinking coffee and listening to music… But… I hated it. While the pics turned out pretty, my Instagram didn’t feel like me at all.

So, there I were, ready to quit again.

And then my boyfriend reminded me that maybe I should just do me. Don’t try to do the theme or the perfectness or anything like that. Do me. The mom, the blogger, the writer. The smiling fun me that lives life.

My Instagram isn’t pretty. It isn’t edited. It isn’t filled with perfect light, and shots that took 100 retakes. But, it’s me. It’s filled with things I love, and things that makes me smile.

If you’re interested in seeing my Instagram, you can find me HERE 😊

Are you on Instagram? Let me know and we can follow each other.

Love, Raven

21 thoughts on “Claiming my instagram

  1. I also have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I’m no photographer and I don’t have a theme or a pretty aesthetic but I’ve realised that the best thing to do is just post the things I like and not worry about the number of likes 🙂

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  2. I agree! Instagram can sometimes just feel like death. I’ve done the same as you, deleted and started all over again, in order to “fit in.” It was then that I realized I didn’t want to both fittings in. I’m way too unique for that nonsense and so all my photos are just me being me. Some good, some bad, but all mine!

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  3. I love this post so much. I like Instagram but I feel like my posts aren’t great a lot of the time and there’s all these accounts that are so gorgeous, but then I realize that my posts reflect me – disorganized but reflecting what I love. Books, cooking, and my dogs. I’m not perfect either. 💕

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  4. I hate the pressure of everything on Instagram having to look so perfect all the time. I have a very hate/ hate relationship with Instagram. I don’t enjoy using the app at all and probably wouldn’t even have an account if it didn’t feel like some sort of blogger obligation. I love your decision to take yours back and post what you really want to x


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  5. I agree with your boyfriend, it’s best to be who you are. Maybe for commercial purposes a faking it can make sense (I guess it is almost required) but if you’re not desperate to make it big, then just be yourself. I think it feels the best deep down inside. I liked your feed, it feels real and authentic.

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  6. I felt the same way with Pinterest – I wasn’t really sure what to do with it or even if my content would be appreciated there but hey! It’s a social media app – it exists for you to connect with people and introduce yourself! Very nice post.


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  8. Instagram is very frustrating for me! I don’t have a pretty aesthetic feed, sometimes I want too and then other times I just want to post whatever and whenever I want 😂🙈 thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!


  9. I’m glad you got back into Insta, it’s a great platform but it’s easy to get sucked into the whole ‘perfect theme, perfect blogger’ hole. I’m exactly the same on there as my blog. I post about whatever’s on my mind. I don’t have time to stick to themes and my life isn’t really that interesting to post constantly lol! Will make sure I follow you on there! Xx

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