Claiming my name

I have previously talked about Claiming my Instagram and Claiming my Style, but today, I’m claiming my name.

For years, since I started blogging, I’ve used the name Raven Black.

It all came about because I joined an online writing community, and have a name that’s not exactly normal or easy to say in English (because no, it doesn’t rhyme with sea) Since the place gave the option of using what ever name you wanted, I just joined as Raven Black. It was an easy solution and I was quite another person back then. And then it grew.

I got a community and friends and Raven Black was suddenly on twitter and Instagram and it became my online name. It was still me and everything I loved, but the longer that went, the longer it felt wrong to use a name that wasn’t fully my name.

I had come to a point in my life where claiming my own name, doing this under my own name, was important for me. I’m not that person anymore that joined that community all those years ago.

It took a lot of thinking to decide what to do. I had been Raven for so long. But then one day I was sending a tweet, and I didn’t even think. I signed with my own name. And that’s when I decided that the time had come.

So, hello world.

My name is Tea, and I’m happy to meet you all.

Love, Tea

30 thoughts on “Claiming my name

  1. This is so cute! I love that you’ve decided to claim your online world with your own name. I never used to sign my blog posts off (which feels kinda rude now I look back) and I always used to wonder whether I’d someday want a domain with my name in it. Not that my name is at all challenging for anyone, but as an identity thing. Anyway, glad you’re happy being you online now x


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  2. As someone who has grown up with a hugely popular name (Sandra) I love to come across unique names. I’m happy you were able to come to a decision you could live with!

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  4. I am going to admit that I have been pronouncing it as rhyming with “sea” this entire time… and am now unsure of how to pronounce it properly in my head. In fact, there have been a few times that I’ve thought to myself how much I love drinking tea and if my name were tea I’d be rather thrilled. However I now see that I have been wrong this entire time, ha ha! Either way, I am rather fond of your name and I am so glad that you have been embracing it!

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    1. Hehe it’s not an easy name in English. It’s pronounced Te-a, with the a sounding like an a hehe. And the e sounds more like the e in every than the e in tree 😋 I know complicated, but I’m not mad when people get it wrong. It’s part of having a special name hehe


  5. I think it’s quite similar to how we pronounce Tea in Dutch.
    Love it how all of the sudden you can be ready to move on to another (your own) name and not even realise it until it just happens.

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