10 fall activities to do with kids

Activating kids can sometimes be hard, especially now that the days get more cold and wet. So here’s 10 activities that can be used for kids of all ages.

All the activities have been tested and approved by my own kids, aged 13 and 10 ❤️

Walk in nature

One of the family favorites is walking in nature. You can talk about the changing season, look for animal tracks and just have fun as a family. And while out there you can collect moss, leaves, pinecones and other nature things. Dry them and keep for christmas decorations.

Carve pumpkins

Halloween isn’t really a thing here in Denmark, but I still enjoy carving pumpkins with the kids and put them in the windows. It’s a fun activity that kids if all ages can be part of. If your kid is too small to carve a pumpkin, let them decorate a few smaller ones with a black marker.

Apple picking

A lot of apple farms have picking days, where you can go as a family, pick apples, drink warm cider and fresh apple juice, and often there’s activities for the kids.

Read a book.

Either read for your kids, have them read for you or enjoy each your own book while sharing a pot of tea while relaxing on the couch. Perfect for some quiet fall family time.

Bake an apple pie

Apple cake with cinnamon and vanilla is a perfect fall dessert and something kids can easily help make. You can either make the dough from scratch or “cheat” and get a ready made dough from the store. And kids will love to serve a home made dessert for the family or guests.

Play in the park – bring hot cocoa

Need to get some energy spent, go to the park. Bring sweaters and a blanket, and some hot cocoa and spent the day playing and having fun. Hide and seek, tree climbing and catch are always popular park games, and can keep the kids activated for hours.

Play boardgames

Fall weather is often rainy. So pull out your favorite boardgames and have some family time filled with fun. Add a few candles and a pot of tea and cozyness will settle all around. Our favorites are Ticket to ride, Star of Africa, Munchkin and Anthill.

Go mushroom picking

The wet weather of fall is perfect for mushrooms. So put on your rain boots and take the kids out picking. If you don’t know a lot about wild mushrooms, join a guided tour and get to know a few of your local mushrooms. Then take the pickings and let the kids help make a hearty mushroom fall soup.

Make chestnut animals

If you have any chestnut (don’t need to be the edible kind) growing near you, now is the perfect time for making chestnut animals with the kids. All you need is chestnuts, toothpicks and something to make the holes with. It’s great fun and kids can use hours making and playing with them.

Build a pillow/blanket fort

On rainy, dark days, making a pillow/blanket fort is perfect to keep the kids activated. And as a bonus it can be used as a cozy hide at night for popcorn and a cozy Halloween movie.

I hope you feel inspired ❤️

Happy fall.

Love, Tea

35 thoughts on “10 fall activities to do with kids

  1. These are such amazing ideas! I love how you suggested levels for all the ideas (like different types of games, or collecting Christmas decorations on walls!). Everything was very thought- through and festive!🍁🍂

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  2. Building a blanket/ pillow fort sounds so cosy. I would have definitely enjoyed that on a wet autumnal day when I was younger. I don’t think I’ve ever carved a pumpkin and I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out 😂 x


    Liked by 1 person

  3. What cosy feelings! It is lovely to see parents out and about and actually smiling with their children. Pumpkin carving and pie baking are easily done at home, but I do love the idea of picking an apple fresh from the tree and biting into it. 🙂

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  4. I used to babysit little ones and every October we would head to this large pumpkin patch and apple orchard. We can hop on their little train to take us around the orchard, jump off to grab some apples, head to the little petting zoo and playground and at the end pick out a pumpkin! It was always a fun-filled day and I can’t wait to take my future babies!

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  5. Walking in nature is one of my favorite things to do, always so much to see and a great time to enjoy away from any screen. I always wondered how Halloween was outside of the US, carving pumpkins is a fun family activity especially comparing who can carve the best one! Apple Picking is the best, for the most part always eating an apple and sipping onsite apple cider, best thing to do in Autumn. I’ve been meaning to get into a book to read, it’s been a while since I’ve fully been invested in a book – just have to find the right one!

    All such great ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I LOVE this! Especially the ideas of apple picking and nature walks. Going to be trying these out during Autumn for the step kids. Thank you for the post! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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