TV Show review – The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell

I love baking shows and now that Halloween is getting closer, I’m rewatching The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell.

I know the show got a lot of bad reviews, but I enjoy it a lot. It’s silly, weird and just enough naughty to be fun. And so much darkness covered in sugar.

They say that the fastest way to a man’s heart is a power saw… but a delicious warm meal will work too.

And OMG the cake creations are amazing. I get in such a baking mood when watching this show, and I want to have a big Halloween party just so I can try out all my ideas.

One of the critiques I’ve seen of this show is the puppets, but for me it’s a total throwback to a bunch of the kids shows I saw as a kid, so I feel a bit nostalgic in a good way.

Another thing I like about the show is that there’s put a lot of weight on the whole “it’s supposed to be fun to create”. If you make mistakes, it’s okay, it’s just a cake. Your candle isn’t perfect? That’s just fine. I love that it’s more relaxed like that.

So, if you love baking, the weird, and the quirky, give The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell a look this Halloween.

And, if you’re curious about her cakes, I have a Pinterest Board with some of her creations, both from the show and off it.

Love, Tea

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Author, coffee lover, claims to be a Viking but gets terribly seasick. Currently working on Dragonthrone. Buy Book 1 - Dragonslayer, on Amazon

3 thoughts on “TV Show review – The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell

  1. Ive never heard of this, but I’m definitly going to be checking it out. It sounds like my sort of thing. The cakes on your Pinterest board are amazing!! How can someone create something like that? I can’t even do a simple Victoria sponge without it going wrong lol.

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