I want a kitten

I love cats.

Cat’s are awesome, fun, cute and fit my personality perfectly. I love their way of playing, their individuality, and their soft little paws. I love that they are little killing machines in a cute disguise.

I love that cat’s are the ultimately self-care animals. They are all about feeling good, taking care of them selves, and living a good life.

My boyfriend calls me kitty, because he says I purr like a cat when happy.

But… I can’t get a cat.

I’ve had three cat’s through my life, and I’ve loved them all dearly. But my life has changed a lot. My family all lives far away so there’s a lot of weekends and holidays were we are traveling. My boyfriend is studying in Finland so there’s a lot of vacations going there.

I’m just not in a place where I can have a cat.

So, I’m looking at cute pics instead and dreaming of little paws softly move around my apartment.

Do you dream about owning an animal? And why can’t you get it? I’d love to hear your opinion.

And if you’re like me and totally in love with cute pics of cats, I got a Pinterest Board filled with them.

Love, Tea

20 thoughts on “I want a kitten

  1. I also love cats, despite not having had one in 15 years. They’re simply fun to watch and I like that they have their own strong will. They are practically wild animals. Ours was a real hunter, bringing all kinds of dead gifts to the front door 😀 I hope you can one day get a cat when things settle down a bit.

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  2. I’m more of a dog person, but have to admit cats are quite adorable!! Maybe sometime in the future you can have cat #4 soon when you’re not traveling so much. If I could get a pet, it’d definitely be a little puppy!

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  3. I love cats too but also am not in the right place / time to get a new kitten. I had two cats for years until I los them to old age. Thankfully my neighbour has two cats and one very cute little kitten so I get the best of both worlds.

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  4. Aww, sweet post! I love kittens, puppies, parrots and almost every animal, but the real truth is that currently I have no time and no space for it. But I would love to have kitten or puppy one day! 👍😺🐶


  5. Aww I hope you’ll eventually get to a place in your life where you can have cats again, and in the meantime – lots and lots of cute pictures everywhere! ❤️ They are amazing and mine saved my life some years ago. Well, at least, made a recovery journey 170% better.

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  6. Are cat cafes a thing where you are? We don’t live in a huge area and surprisingly we have at least one I’m aware of. It might be fun to go play with them and have a cup of coffee or tea! I find owning a cat much easier than a dog. I love our dog too, but he is much needier!

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  7. I love cats! They’re my absolute favorites and I’ve never had any other animal as a pet. Sadly, my cat D.W. died this past May and I’m still so sad. I want to get another kitten, but after my cat died so suddenly (after just a year of having her from when she was a kitten), I’m afraid to take that leap again. I hope in the future you can get a cat! But thanks to the internet, you can get your fill of their cute toe beans and silly poses! And I hope you have a friend or two that has a cat that you can visit in the mean time ❤

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

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  8. Aww I’m so sorry your life can’t accommodate a furry friend right now. I’m a dog person, but I used to look at puppy photos alllll the time before I got my dog, so I can fully relate to the cute photo stage (I mean, I still look every now and then…). I hope you can get another one eventually! x


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    1. I’m not really a cat person. Or a dog person. I’m both and have owned both 🙂 And truth be told if I had to get another little furry family member, it would probably be a dog as they fit my lifestyle a lot more.


  9. I grew up with dogs and cats and some chickens and ducks – don’t get my started on my sweet ducks. But now, my husband and I work and travel so much, having a pet just doesn’t make sense for us. Lately, I have been wanting a cat, but he’s allergic so that’s a no go. I guess I’ll just look at cute cat pics instead!

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