10 family friendly Halloween movies

Halloween is the perfect time for some cosy family movies. So make the hot chocolate, get the popcorn ready and snuggle under the blankets. Because here’s my top pick of family friendly Halloween movies.


I’m starting this list with Casper, the friendly ghost. The movie came out when I was 10 and I adored the movie. It might not be technically brilliant (especially not for today’s standards) but it’s a cosy family movie about love and acceptance and with just enough fright to keep the young ones at the edge of the seat without scaring them too much 🙂

The Addams Family

Another family favorite is the Addams family. They are quirky, they are weird, and they love each other because of it. The story follows the Addams family, as their long lost member suddenly returns. But is he really who he says he is, or is he trying to steal their family fortune?

Hocus pocus

No Halloween list is complete without Hocus Pocus. In this classic Halloween tale we follow a little group of kids who accidentally release three witches on Halloween. Racing to save the kids in town, the three kids, with the help of a talking cat, have to battle these three ancient beings. It is funny, silly and a true Halloween movie.


This Tim Burton classic turns the story on it’s head, as we follow a couple of ghosts, who finds out humans are living in their house. They hire the scary beetlejuice to get rid of them, but nothing goes as planned.

The nightmare before Christmas

Another Burton movie on the list. In this tale the pumpkin king of Halloween town is growing tired of Halloween. So he decides he wants to celebrate Christmas. He assign Christmas tasks to all of Halloween towns monsters, but Christmas and Halloween are two different things, and nothing goes as planned.

The corpse bride

And one more Burton movie 🙂 In this story of love, we follow Victor a shy young man who is going to marry a woman of his parent’s choosing. When he accidentally gets entangled with the dead woman Emily, he is dragged to the underworld, where he meets the dead, and learns about Emily’s tragic background and death. It’s a tale of love, understanding, and revenge.

Ghost busters

Who you gonna call when ghosts tries to take over your town? Ghostbusters. A family friendly, very silly movie, with evil demigods, funny ghosts, and very 80’s banter.

Hotel Transylvania

A fun movie even the littlest Halloween monsters can watch. The story follows Dracula who runs a hotel for monsters, and his daughter who’s finally old enough to go into the world. But what happens when the monsters safe space is suddenly invaded by a lost backpacker?

Monster house

This movie was unknown to me until I stumbled on it last year. The story follows a group of kids who spy on the old weird neighbor next door, and his weird house who seems to almost be alive.

The curse of the were-rabbit

This movie is perfect for even the smallest in the family. Wallace and Gromit and the curse of the were-rabbit is silly, fun and will make even the adult laugh.

So that’s my top 10 family friendly Halloween movies.

What’s your favorite family Halloween movie?

Love, Tea

10 thoughts on “10 family friendly Halloween movies

  1. Yay! Love a good halloween movie list, even better if it’s a family friendly one. We watched hocus pocus at the weekend which was so fun, little bear loved it! And I must know every single world to all 3 hotel transylvania movies…. little bear watches it on repeat year round and has declared he is going to be count Dracula or Dennis when he’s older lol

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

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  2. Aw, this post was so nostalgic for me. I loved Casper and The Addams Family when I was younger, as well as Ghostbusters. I’ll often watch them this time of year too. I tend to reserve The Nightmare Before Christmas for November / December. Is it bad I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus?! 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

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