Let’s talk about motivation, because motivation is a funny size. You often hear the phrase “I don’t have the motivation…” as an excuse to not do things. I’ve used it way to much myself.

But what is motivation other than a kick in the ass? It’s not like motivation appears from thin air. Motivation is self control. It’s wanting to reach a goal. It’s not telling yourself bad excuses. It’s doing things even when we don’t want to do it. It’s taking responsibility.

Not having the motivation is a bad excuse for not taking responsibility for your own actions. And often an excuse for being lazy. For me, realizing this helped me so much. It isn’t that we can never use the phrase “no motivation” because I think we all have days where no matter what we just wanna stay on that couch instead of going to the gym, but while you might say “I have no motivation…” to the world, be honest with yourself.

It isn’t missing motivation that’s keeping me on the couch on Sundays, it’s being a lazy fat-ass who loves to binge-watch TV.

For me it’s worked wonders to stop up every time I don’t “feel motivated” and ask myself why I don’t feel motivated. Admitting it’s because I’m lazy, often ends up getting me out the door, because while I don’t mind feeling un-motivated (something that’s been widely accepted as normal) I hate being lazy.

Lack of motivation?

What’s your worst “I don’t feel motivated…” sin?

Love, Tea

17 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. So true. I’ve had to stop saying this because I know it’s not true. I don’t even think motivation really exists anymore, it’s self-discipline/self-love that is needed to achieve things. Thank you so much for writing this on a day I needed a reminder. One of my greatest ‘self-motivation sins’ is not cooking a proper meal and instead getting a takeaway because I’m ‘tired’ 😅 so bad! x

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  2. If I ever don’t feel motivated it’s usually about being productive, like finishing a blog post rather than eating healthy or going to the gym etc. If I ask myself why it’s usually something daft like I can’t think of a title or don’t know how to start it and I don’t want to sit looking at my screen with a puzzled look on my face. Usually pushes me to work on something else that I have clearer ideas about though. Asking yourself why is definitely helpful! x


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  3. Sometimes I find myself doing so well and other times not so great in terms of motivation. Usually, my lack of motivation is as you said pure laziness. I have to constantly remind myself that I don’t want or need to be lazy because at the end of the day if I don’t work more or go to the gym when I could have…I just regret it! And that is way worse…

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    1. Yes. And then you have that little voice in your head telling you how stupid it was to sit on your ass for two hours watching a cake show instead of going to the gym. Best to avoid the nagging voice 😛


  4. Such an excellent point! I’ve also noticed that it helps to put a positive spin on something you need to do so you get excited to actually accomplish it. My lack of motivation sin is probably “meaning to get around to that.” I always use that excuse instead of just doing the thing I need to do! Now I’ll try to set a goal and accomplish it. That usually helps. Plus making a list and checking that thing off of it is soooo satisfying!

    Emily |

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