October roundup

October have officially ended and what a month it’s been. As I mentioned in the SEPTEMBER ROUNDUP I had a lot going on in October.

Three family birthdays, starting with my daughter turning 13, then the day after my sister turned 45, and the day after that, my other sister turned 40.

I also started my internship which was brilliant and ended up in me getting a job (which I officially started yesterday, YAY). It’s full time but thankfully my kids are so big they can manage a few hours alone. And I really love the work.

October was also the month where I officially CLAIMED MY NAME online. It’s been very exciting and I have to say I absolutely love it. It was a bit weird seeing my name all over at first, but now it seems really natural. It was more weird for me to use my picture hehe. I’ve never been much for putting my pic out there, so it took some courage to do it. But I’m practicing by posting my pic on my Instagram. I don’t care about the likes, it’s more about being confident in the person I am. (If you wanna be Instagram friends you can find me HERE)

I also started my weightloss and getting healthy journey again. I really need to get it under control so I’ve been working hard on changing my habits and getting my sugar cravings under control. You can follow my weightloss journey HERE if you’re interested. I’m putting the raw truth and numbers out there, and I would love more people to join.

Oh, and the rain. Autumn is a very wet season here in Denmark, but this October it basically rained three weeks straight. Not constantly but every single day for three weeks everything was wet, and we had at least a few hours of rain. Earlier in October I posted about 10 PERFECT FALL ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH YOUR KIDS, but it’s been so wet a lot of the outdoor activities had to be paused. I’m hoping November turns out a bit more dry so we can be more outside again.

So, that was my October. November is gonna be a nice month, and so far there isn’t a lot of plans which is nice. My boyfriend has his birthday, and that’s about it other than work, though I’m sure about a million things is gonna come up. They always do.

How was your October?

Love, Tea

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