The damn sugar

Another week have gone and I think it’s gone okay, even though it’s been far from perfect.

The sugar cravings have been bad and I have fallen in the “sugar pot” a few times, but instead of going “Oh well, I already fucked up” as I normally would, I instead went back to the healthy straight away. But it’s so hard, especially now that all the Christmas candy is hitting the stores.

When it comes to food I didn’t do too bad, but also didn’t do super. Went out twice to cafe’s with friends, and had burger and fries both times. Also ended with a beer and a drink.

At work where we eat lunch together it’s been mostly healthy, and I’ve managed to stay away from ice creams and cakes. Which, let me tell you, isn’t easy when the people I work with really like ice cream and cakes.

And, my happy little discovery. Pumpkins in all shapes, are super low in calories, and they are fairly cheap right now, so I’ve been enjoying all kinds of pumpkin foods. Next week me and the kids are gonna try a pumpkin soup.

So, to the numbers.

Starting weight: 85 kg

Current weight: 83.6 kg

Weeks progress: -1.4 kg


I am aware that some of it is water weight, but it means that things are happening, so I’m quite happy 🙂

This weeks good advice:

When needing something sweet, try a piece of fruit instead. Right now my go to fruit is clementines. They taste wonderfully and the scent when peeling them makes me feel all comfy and christmassy hehe. I have a few on my desk at work and a bowl of them at home so I always have them near me.

How has your week been?

Love, Tea

14 thoughts on “The damn sugar

  1. Congratulations on the progress, even if some of it is water weight at least things are going the right way. I totally agree with the swapping fruit for sugar. Have you tried Urban Fruit? They’re only baked fruit but the strawberry ones have a gummy texture so they taste a bit like healthy sweets. They were the answer to all of my cravings when I gave up sugar last year x


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    1. Ohhh that sounds interesting. I’ll have to look into those 😊 I’m also a big fan of dried dates and figs and apricots. Just need to keep in mind that they do contain quite a bit calories for such small snacks. But, they are awesome as sweeteners on oats or in smoothies 😊


    1. As long as it’s only a bit of chocolate it’s okay. Don’t see it as total failure, just don’t use it as an excuse to be totally bad 😋 doing good the whole week is awesome 😊 Go you 💪


  2. I did a no sugar diet in June and it did wonders. Then I tore my ACL, got lazy and just gave up….I really need to try it again. It was probably the best thing I did this year! It was hard, but oh so worth it!

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  3. Congratulations on your progress and for keeping with it! Fruits are definitely the way to go, could munch on them all day! Raspberries are my favorites, they taste like candy in a way – nature’s candy – have you tried dried fruit as well? Dried apricots and figs are great to have during the day as well! Frozen Blueberries are also great to munch on – kind of like a healthy version of ice cream 🙂

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  4. Congratulations on the progress youve made so far. Fruit is a great healthy snack to have instead of sweets. Have you tried any dried fruits? Or Naked bars? They’re good alternatives too.

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