Love yourself challenge

Loving yourself can be hard. We as people have a tendency to focus on the bad when it comes to our own minds and bodies.

“My thighs are too big.”
“Urgh, why can’t I do this?”
“OMG I’m so stupid. What idiot makes a mistake like that?”
“I look like shit today.”
“I can’t wear this, my (insert word of choice) is to big.”
“I’m the worst mom ever.”

The smallest mistake, or bump on our body, (real or imagined) and we give ourself so much shit. We tell ourselves stuff we would never say to another human being because that would be mean, evil or bullying.

So, today I give you all a little self-love challenge. Try it for a week, and see how it goes ❤

Tell yourself 10 nice things every morning.

It can feel so weird, especially at first, but stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself 10 nice things. It doesn’t have to be focused on anything special. It can be nice comments about your body or looks, or about your life, your accomplishments and job. What ever you can think of.

Do one nice thing for yourself every day.

It can be a nice bath, 30 min with a good book, or just sitting quietly drinking a cup of coffee. Doesn’t matter, as long as for that chosen activity you make yourself priority number one.

Say no at least once.

We often have this idea that we’re not allowed to say no. We keep saying yes, even if stressed, overwhelmed and just needing a break. But saying no is okay. In fact, saying no is an important part of self loving. So challenge yourself and say no.

Cook yourself a nice meal.

Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes we just need to order that pizza to make the day work (that’s a form of self-love too) but cooking a nice meal and taking time to eat it with a candle on the table and napkins on the plate just does something for our spirits. It doesn’t have to be a big complicated meal, as long as you put some love into it. .

Train your brain to be positive.

Brains like to be negative. It’s such an easy state to slip into and it becomes a habit to see the negative side of everything. So the next time you stand in a situation and become negative, try stopping yourself and search instead for a positive thing to focus on. You can, with enough time, train your brain to see the positive more often.

Get your sleep.

In a stressful day to day life, we tend to cut down on sleep to fit more into our day. Or, we just insist on that 2 hours playing a zombie on the couch watching brainless TV. But the truth is our brains and bodies need sleep. We need it to reset for a new day, to process what happened and get our hormones and emotions back to a nice level. So, try to get at least 8 hours a night for a week.

Do a mind dump

If you’re like me, your brain sometimes runs amok and you can’t sleep or concentrate because your brain is so full of stuff. So, every morning you sit down and write a mind dump. You simply just pour everything in your head onto a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to make sense, or be understandable for anyone. The idea is that you empty your brain for informations and worries. If needed, you do the same before bedtime.

Make lists.

This one sounds really simple, but it makes such a big difference. Make a list with everything you need to do in a day. Need to do laundry? Put it on the list. Need to make dinner? Put it on the list. It helps both keep our brains clutter free, but it also visualize what we actually do in the span of a day. Often we have the feeling we didn’t do anything during the day (this is where the nasty thoughts at the beginning of the post comes into play a lot. Words like lazy, useless and incompetent are thrown around and it makes us feel like shit.)

Create a positive “love yourself” mantra.

It can be a few words, or a sentence, or a little poem. The form doesn’t matter. The important part is that you feel it in your heart. Use it to remind yourself of your love, every time you need a little pick me up during the day.

That’s it!

One week of self-love. I hope this little challenge will help you love yourself a little more 🙂 If you choose to do this little week long challenge, please let me know how it goes 🙂

It isn’t an easy fix, and it’s definitely not a miracle cure, but even baby steps are steps in the right direction.

And lastly I’ll leave you with this little rule.

Ask yourself: Would I say this out loud to someone I truly love?

If not, then never say it to yourself.

Love, Tea

11 thoughts on “Love yourself challenge

  1. I loooooved this post, Tea! An excellent list and challenge! I’ve been doing a few of these already, such as making daily to-do lists and training my brain to think more positive. Mindfulness exercises work well for that too. My advice would be that if you don’t feel any different for the first 1-2 days, keep trying with the above activities, and at the end of the week, I’m sure there’s some positivity and good vibes you can already feel. 🙂
    I’m going to try your tip about 10 nice things every morning – with a twist: as I like writing things down, I will do it as a writing exercise. Another list, with colours! 😁
    Also, your parting question is spot-on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such great tips! I’ve been working a lot harder this year on not thinking negatively about myself – I won’t even allow jokey negative put-downs. However, I really want to work on saying no at least once, because I’m awful at it.

    Jas xx


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