Bad choices.

This week have been filled with bad choices.

From ordering pizza for dinner, to choosing the easy solutions for so many meals. My calorie intake have been way too high, and I’ve paid for it on the scale.

It all started out good on monday. I was ready for a new week, feeling good and wanting to be all nice and healthy. And then I slept real bad the night for tuesday and I woke up feeling stressed and like my head was gonna explode with too much to do. And then it went downhill from there. Tuesday I ended up grabbing some quick unhealthy breakfast. Wednesday I ate cake at work. Thursday dinner was super unhealthy too. And friday ended up with pizza and candy.

To say I’m unhappy with my choices is an understatement.

The numbers:

Starting weight: 85 kg

Last weeks weight: 83.6 kg

This weeks weight: 84.3 kg

Progress: + 0.7 kg

Just looking at that number makes me angry at myself. I know what it takes to lose weight. I know what my body needs, and that I feel so much better when staying healthy. And still I make these stupid choices.

But, I’m not gonna let a bad week stop me. I’ve filled the fridge with healthy stuff, and I might do a week with calorie counting. I’m not a big fan of long term calorie counting, but it can be helpful to get back on track. It sometimes help to visualize exactly how much you actually stuff your face with when eating that pizza, or that bowl of chocolate.

Last week’s good advice:

So, last week’s good advice was staying away from processed sugar. And as you can see I failed that a lot. I am getting better at being mindful about it, but I still fall into the sugar pot way to often. But I’m gonna try and keep my focus on it, and do better.

Next week’s good advice:

The next week I’m gonna focus on not skipping breakfast. A healthy day starts with a good breakfast because it’s gonna help keep you from those unhealthy snacks. And I just generally feel better when I get my oats in the morning.

I hope your week have gone better than mine ❤

Oh, and if you’re like me and sometimes get stuck on the healthy meals, I’ve made a pinterest board about just that. I update it every time I find a new interesting meal so there’ll be new inspiration all the time.

Have a lovely week.

Love, Tea


2 thoughts on “Bad choices.

  1. Everyone has a bad week every now and then, and hopefully, you’ve managed to get a few cravings out of your system to have a better week next week! I love that you include a lesson for the following week, it really shows how mindful you’re being about your choices x


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