Ideas for Christmas blogging

Christmas is just around the corner and figuring out what to blog about can be hard. So to help you along I got my top 40 blog ideas right here. More than enough to fill out every day of Christmas.

  1. Christmas playlist
  2. Christmas wishlist
  3. Christmas Door wreath
  4. Christmas Candy and confections
  5. Christmas sweaters
  6. DIY ugly Christmas sweaters
  7. Gift wrapping ideas
  8. Christmas movies
  9. Christmas eve food
  10. Homemade gifts
  11. Diy decorations
  12. Donating toys and clothes
  13. Bucket list
  14. Christmas books
  15. Kids activities
  16. Christmas lights
  17. Christmas drinks
  18. Your Christmas decorations
  19. Christmas cookies
  20. Christmas tree
  21. Almost there activities
  22. Funny story from a Christmas gone buy
  23. Christmas destinations bucket list
  24. Christmas inspired cocktails
  25. Table settings
  26. Healthy Christmas snacks
  27. Christmas for pets
  28. Vegan/vegetarian Christmas food
  29. Christmas inspired body-care
  30. Christmas traditions
  31. Stocking fillers for kids/grownups
  32. Christmas day OOTD
  33. Christmas breakfast ideas
  34. Christmas party ideas
  35. Christmas party outfits
  36. Christmas party finger food
  37. Worst Christmas work party
  38. Christmas advent calenders to die for
  39. 10 things that get you into the Christmas spirit
  40. December plans

I hope you’ve gotten inspired and may you and yours have a lovely December ❤

Love, Tea

8 thoughts on “Ideas for Christmas blogging

  1. Such a great list with so many varied options. I love that there’s one there for pets too! I bought my dog’s Christmas presents first this year (what’s new) and got so excited for him 😂 x


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