Slow progress is still progress.

Another week have done, and I’m happy to say it went better. I haven’t been perfect with every meal, but I have done a lot better and stayed away from candy, sweets, and junk food.

And I’m happy to rapport that I feel so much better. My focus this week was breakfast, and that is such a game changer. Starting each day with my oats just keep it easier to stay away from the fast energy, that isn’t that good for you. I’m also still keeping some fruit at work, which is amazing. It’s funny how you can almost forget how good it is to eat fresh fruit.

The numbers:

Starting weight: 85 kg

Last weeks weight: 84.3 kg

This weeks weight: 84.1 kg

Progress: – 0.2 kg


So, my progress this week haven’t been amazing, but I’m turning it around and I’m so happy. Even slow progress is progress.

Now, I have to admit that it’s so hard to keep from the unhealthy stuff, especially as the stores are filling up with all my favorite Christmas treats. But, I’m determined to keep on the straight and narrow, and only allow myself a few treats once in a while and not go all ‘pig’ like I normally do in December.

Next weeks good advice: Drink water

I am really bad at forgetting to drink water. I tend up just drinking loads of coffee, and I am fully aware that only consuming 2 liters of coffee as the only liquid every day is far from healthy for me. So this week, my focus is gonna be on drinking water. I’m gonna place a drinking bottle on my desk at work and the goal is to fill it at least twice. Add some water for breakfast and dinner, and I should be rolling just fine.

I hope you all had an awesome week.

Love, Tea

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