Rainy day activities

Here in Denmark, November can be very wet. In fact we have at least some rain most days. So, coupled with the early darkness and it’s hard to just send the kids outside to play.

So here’s some of our favorite indoor activities that doesn’t involve screens.

Create Christmas cards.

With December just around the corner, having the kids make their own Christmas cards to send to friends and family is an amazing rainy day activity. You can choose to make them draw, paint or cut out colorful Christmas papers or use stickers.

Be creative

Any kind of creative crafts can keep my kids going for hours. My daughter enjoys drawing, and making her own cartoons. My son is really into making pictures with beats. And both of them love to play with clay. I buy this white air drying clay and we use it to make all kinds of fun things.

Bake bread

Bread baking is an activity even the smallest can be part of, and the good thing is that the end product is delicious but healthy and can be used for lunch boxes (and every kid loves to bring something to school they baked themselves). And if the kids are big enough they can do it mostly on their own.

Play with toys

Another way to keep my kids activated for hours is to let them bring their toys into the living room. The fact that they are in the heart of our apartment and not in their rooms changes their way of playing completely and my 10 and 13 year old can suddenly spend hours playing together.

Reading / audiobooks

If we just need 30 min with some quiet, reading or listening to audiobooks is the go too option. Especially on weekends where we’ve been stuck inside our small apartment it can be useful to take 30 min breaks with no talking. If the kids listen to audiobooks they use their headsets and normally lie on the couch or in their beds, and get 30 min to just relax and have some relaxing me time.


Rainy days are perfect for a home spa day. My kids love to have spa days with foot baths, face masks and getting their nails done. We normally make non-alcoholic cocktails, and put on some relaxing music.

This is some of our favorite rainy day activities. I hope they inspire you a bit, and luckily they can be used even if you don’t have kids 😉

Love, Tea

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