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Slow but steady

So, another good week for me, which is a bit of a surprise actually. There’s been sickness at work which means we’ve been running on half staff, but the work have been the same. It’s been very busy and I’ve worked with a constant feeling of being behind. But, I managed to keep it fairly healthy, and not fall in the *I’m so tired, just gonna order a pizza* trap.

Friday I took the kids to see santa turn on the christmas lights in town. There was free candy and cookies, but I managed to stay away from it all. I only had half a piece of candy when my son didn’t like it.

And today we made cookie pops (oreos on a stick dipped in chocolate and sprinkles) and I only had half of one. Well, to be honest the damn thing was so sweet I couldn’t manage a whole one but I didn’t feel that constant craving of sugar, so I’m on the right track.

The numbers:

Starting weight: 85 kg

Last weeks weight: 84.1 kg

This weeks weight: 83.8 kg

Progress: – 0.3 kg

Again, not amazing numbers, but I’m just amazed I’m managing to loose weight here so close to December, because this is the time of the year where fat foods and candy is in high season.

Last week it was water, and I have to say I’m really not good at it, so I’m adding another week with water in focus. I really need to get my intake up and my coffee consumption down. So the next week im really gonna focus on water and hopefully it’ll become more of a habit soon.

Next weeks good advice:

Add greens, vegetables or fruit to every meal. To up the healthy and get my greens I’m gonna add some to every meal, even breakfast. Hopefully this will help fill me up without adding lots of calories and give some much needed vitamins in this dark and cold period.

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

Love, Tea.

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