Christmas wreaths

For me, giving that first impression of Christmas is super important and I always try to make a nice and inviting wreath for my front door. I like to use mostly natural products mixed with a few not so natural parts to bump it up to the next level.

Mostly I use the colors green, nature, red, silver, gold and white. That’s the colors that I try to keep all my decorations in and my wreath is no exception. Some years I’ve used evergreen wreaths but this year I went with a wood wreath and added my own greens to it. The one I had last year was shedding so much and it was becoming quite an annoyance when we reached the middle of December, so I’m trying something new. I often wish I had more front “room” to play with. But living in a small apartment building does limit my options with my front door. So I try to keep it inviting with the wreath and do the rest inside.

Inside, I have my advent wreath, with four candles. I’m aware that you’re supposed to burn one candle each Sunday, but I’m not religious in any way and I never liked the unevenness of having the candles burned like that. Besides, I burn them every night because it feels nice having the candles light up and spread cheer. ❤

If you’re needing inspiration to make your own wreaths, I have a cool pinterest board filled with them.

Merry Christmas

Love, Tea

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