Christmas candy and confection

Christmas candy and confection is very important here in my house. We all have our favorites and they go on the table when Christmas movies are watched. We have a big assortment of candy in the stores and it’s funny to see how these things stay exactly the same but my taste have changed. Some of the candy I hated when I was a kid because it was “grown up” candy and boring is today some of my favorites. And some of the things I loved as a kid I never really touch but my own kids adore them.

Another thing we really like in my family is home made confections. We make filled chocolates and marzipan bites, oat rolls and cornflake tops. It’s a full on family thing and we gather around the table and spend a day producing stupidly big amounts of it. There’s also cookie day, but that’s for another post later in the month.

Last year I made these Christmas chocolate trees, filled with a nougat and Bailey cream, and they where a giant hit. I also made a kids friendly version with nutella and chocolate milk which was eaten in the blink of an eye.

This year me and the kids started Christmas by making oreo cookie pops. I wanted to do something super simple but still fun with them, and this was a good choice. They did turn out very very sweet, and while the kids love them, I’d probably choose to make a dark chocolate version too if we make them again.

Oreo cookie pops:

– Oreos
– Melting chocolate of your choice
– Sprinkles
– cake pop sticks

Put a stick in each oreo (be very carefully as they easily break) and use a spoon to cover them in chocolate. (I tried dipping them and they broke or fell off the sticks). Decorate with sprinkles of choice and let them dry completely. enjoy with a glass of cold milk.

What’s your favorite christmas candy?

Merry Christmas

Love, Tea

9 thoughts on “Christmas candy and confection

  1. Aah these all look delicious! Christmas confectionary is the best! I definitely have a couple of recipes I’m excited to post about this month (including mince pies on Saturday!) if you want to stay tuned 😉 love the post xx

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