10 ideas for wrapping the perfect present

Let’s be real here. I love wrapping gifts. In fact I love wrapping gifts so much I’ve been known to redo the gifts already wrapped because I got a better wrapping idea.

For me wrapping the things I buy is just as important as buying the gift. I don’t normally spend a fortune on my wrapping stuff, but I do use care and love when doing it.

So here’s ten easy ideas to take your gifts to the next level.

1 – Use natural nature accessories. Branches, evergreens, pine-cones and chestnuts are all awesome accessories for gift wrapping.

2 – Use fabric ribbon instead of plastic ribbon. You can often find real ribbon for almost the same price as the plastic kind, and nothing feels more luxurious than opening a gift with fabric ribbons.

3 – Use home-made Christmas ornaments as part of the decorations on the gift.

4 – Do you have some artistic skills? Then choose a simple wrapping paper and add personalized drawings. If you don’t have drawing skills little notes, song lyrics or favorite book quotes work too.

5 – Candy canes, cookies or other edible treats are great gift wrapping accessories too, and especially the tiny ones enjoy the little sweet surprise on top.

6 – Upgrade the “to” card. Instead of using the cheap stickers or half plastic cards, try upgrading to something a bit more up there. Often you can buy wooden gift tags cheap, or you can make them yourself if you’re a bit diy inclined.

7 – Using fabric as a wrapping paper. Often you can get pretty looking Christmas fabrics by the meter pretty cheap and those can be perfect for the rustic Christmas wrapping.

8 – If you’re a diy lover, making little fabric “bags” for the gifts can be a perfect way to add something extra. And the bag can be reused for gifts next year.

9 – Adding cinnamon sticks or other Christmassy things with the scent of Christmas is a great way to invoke that true Christmas feeling in the one receiving the gift.

10 – If you’re not in any way crafty and hate wrapping presents because they always end up looking like Santa sat on it, gift boxes are the perfect answer. Now a days they can be bought pretty cheap and with a bit of care they can be reused next year too.

So that’s my top ten ways to make the gift wrapping a little extra this year. All that said, an old fashioned wrapping with glittery paper and plastic ribbon means as much to me as all the pretty gift wrappings in the world. It’s the thought behind the gift that matters. I just enjoy making a whole production out of wrapping too, hehe. It’s my reward for braving the Christmas madness of shopping 😉

If you’re in need of some wrapping inspiration, go visit my pinterest board

What’s your favorite way of wrapping?

Merry Christmas

Love, Tea

13 thoughts on “10 ideas for wrapping the perfect present

  1. This is amazing! I love all of these ideas, but particularly the wrapping gifts in Christmas themed fabric. I think I might give that a go this year, I hate ripping wrapping paper when I’m trying to wrap.

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  2. These are such great ideas! I’m moving away from unrecycable gift wrap this year, so this post came at the perfect time. Although I’m not very creative! Haha. But I’m going to try paper decorated with stamps and fabric ribbon. I like the idea of wooden gift tags too.


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