Top 10 Christmas movies

It’s not Christmas if there isn’t Christmas movies playing, so we can eat popcorn, cookies and candy while being cozy as a family.

There is a lot of Christmas movies out there, and I think every person has their favorite movies. But here’s my top 10

Die hard – no Christmas without the perfect mix of action, silliness and good actors. Die hard is a classic and I watch it every single year at least twice.

Die Hard

The grinch – Most people I know have their own favorite version of the grinch. For me it’s the 2000 version with Jim Carrey as the grinch. I absolutely love it and I watch it with the kids every year.


Christmas chronicles – I know this movie is widely hated, but Santa have never been so sexy as when played by Kurt Russell, and it’s just a nice family movie that the kids adore.

Christmas Chronicles

Miracle on 34th street – the 1994 version is my go to, and I love the story and the feel it brings. And the message is lovely.


The muppets a Christmas carol – hands down the best version of the old classic and even though the child ghost scared me when little I still love it to this day.


National Lampoons Christmas vacation – this movie is almost as old as me and makes me laugh every time. It’s silly, it’s stupid, and it just brings a feel good feeling when watching.

National lampoons

Arthur Christmas – this cute family movie became an instant classic in my home and it’s so filled with love and holiday cheer.

Arthur Christmas

Love actually – my moms favorite movie and one we watch every single year when everyone is on the couch the day after Christmas when we’re basically in a food coma. Still the best prime minister England ever had.

Love actually

Fred Claus – a sweet story about how kids shouldn’t be labelled from single actions and about how family is about communication.

Fred Clause

Elf – silly, stupid and making the kids belly laugh every time. What more can you ask for?


Klaus – Netflix’s new Christmas movie made this list because it tells a fantastic story. It might be new but it’s worth being watched by everyone. The origin story of Santa is filled with love and caring and teach kids that one good deed can make a big impact on people’s lives.


That was my list.

Which ones are your favorites?

Merry Christmas
Love, Tea

18 thoughts on “Top 10 Christmas movies

  1. What about Home Alone and the Santa Claus? My favorites. We watch miracle on 34th street every Christmas morning. Arthur Christmas has moved up my list the past couple of years!
    Great list! I don’t think I’ve seen all of them!

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