Christmas food

Christmas is all about good, comfy, feel good food. For me December is all about the warm feel of stews, cabbage salads and potatoes… who doesn’t love potatoes?

In Denmark we have a lot of traditional Christmas foods eaten all through December. A lot of our food revolves around meat, especially pork (we’re pig country) but the sides are just as important (especially the potatoes, both the normal boiled ones and the sugar cooked ones). Kale and cabbage also plays a big part in our Christmas food as both are natural winter greens here in Denmark.

For Christmas Eve there’s a few different traditions going around. Some eat duck, some turkey but in my family it’s pork roast with cracklings. Served with boiled potatoes, browned sugar potatoes, pickled red cabbage, fresh red cabbage salad, sweet boiled apples, lingonberry sauce, and a thick brown sauce. It’s heaven on earth and the reason we all wear comfy pants for Christmas Eve.

The Christmas lunch table is another classic Danish Christmas thing. Pickled herring, liver pate, sausage, danish meatballs, salmon, shrimp and eggs are all classic dishes served on dark rye bread and with beer and Danish snaps.

Another classic is the rice pudding served with butter, sugar and cinnamon on top. And it’s this rice pudding that’s the base of our Christmas dessert served in every home Christmas Eve. It’s the cold rice pudding (without the butter, sugar and cinnamon of course) mixed with whipped cream, sugar, vanilla and chopped almonds. It’s served with a warm cherry sauce and is delicious. A single whole almond is hidden in the pudding and who ever get it wins a “present” which is usually something eatable like chocolate ❤️

This year I really wanna try English mince pies and if any of you have a good family recipe feel free to share it.

If you’re interested in more Christmas food from Denmark I got a pinterest board filled with food and recipes.

What’s your favorite Christmas recipe?

Merry Christmas
Love, Tea

7 thoughts on “Christmas food

  1. Hi Tea – this food sounds delicious – we usually do a similar thing with the roasts – it would be heavenly to eat all that hot food on a cold day – instead we have searing heat – Air cons whining and try and keep the flies out of the kitchen – still love Christmas though – merry Christmas to you and your family – sounds like it will be beautiful

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  2. Yes, who doesn’t love potatoes… and comfy pants… haha… very good idea!! 😅 I think there are lots of loose clothing worn in the UK over Christmas too! We really love mince pies and also Christmas crackers at the main meal of the day. They’re not food, but a rolled festive gift container with a paper party hat, miniature novelty gift and a joke written on a tiny piece of paper. They’re all a bit silly, but the Christmas table doesn’t look right without them… and kids love them!

    I don’t have my own recipe for mince pies (especially the mincemeat fruit filling) but I have used this recipe… it’s very good. For really enjoyable mince pies it’s best to get a good quality preserved mince meat in a jar and not fill the pies too full with the filling because it can be very sickly sweet… kind of ruins it for me if they are too sweet. One teaspoon per pie is a good measure. But making your own recipe will probably be even better quality and maybe easier if you can’t buy the mincemeat filling where you live. Mince pies made right can be absolutely awesome… they smell amazing when cooking. Nice eaten warm or cold, on their own or served with whipped cream. I hope you and your family enjoy them… have a lovely Christmas! 🎅🏼🎄

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. We use the crackers for new year here, but sometimes you can find them on the tree hidden for the kids to find.

      And I’m hoping to come up with my own recipe for mince pies this weekend. Have read a lot of recipes and think I can make one of my own hehe. or it’ll be a total disaster and I’ll not tell anyone about them lol


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