Danish Christmas cookies

I love cookies.

And nothing screams Christmas like Danish Christmas cookies.

So today I’m gonna share some of my favorite Christmas recipes with you.

Lemon cookies
Jew cakes
Christmas cookie
Vanilla wreath cookies
Finnish bread
Coffee bread
Most of these cookie recipes are from 1850-1900 when having your own oven become more normal for middle class people, so not only are they delicious, they are also part of our history. Pretty neat.

One thing to remember with Danish cookies is that they are all very soft when removed from the oven, and go hard when cold. Oh, and they burn so easily. Like when the recipe says 6 min, 7 might turn them black, so watch them like a hawk when baking 😛

And a little pro tip. Danish Christmas cookies are often very butter heavy. This means that the less you touch the dough the better. If you have a stand mixer use it, and if not, then work fast. If you handle the dough to much the butter will melt, seep into the flour and change the consistency of the cookies. This is also why you need to let the doughs rest in the fridge before cutting and baking. The cookies will act weird and taste different if they are bakes while the dough is “warm”.

I really hope you enjoy them all,

Merry Christmas
Love, Tea

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