Christmas travel bucket list

I love Christmas and there are so many cool places I would love to see at Christmas. So here’s my travel bucket list for Christmas destinations.

wesley tingey

New York – New York have been on my list for a long time and going at Christmas would be a dream. I want to see Christmas trees and lights and go to crazy American Christmas stores.


London – I went to London for Christmas when I was a kid and I remember it being such a magical place. Now that I’m all grown up I’d love to go back again.


Northern Finland – I’ve always dreamed about going to see the northern lights in Finland and with a Finnish boyfriend it might actually be possible to do one day. If you go far enough you can stay at the town they claim is the home of Santa (which is totally untrue. Santa lives on Greenland) but it looks amazing. There’s also more than a few places you can sleep in these glass rooms to see the stars and northern lights.


Berlin – so many people I know says that Berlin is the place to go for Christmas markets. So of course it’s on my list. I love me some Christmas markets. If Berlin isn’t your kind of city, Germany is filled with Christmas markets and most of them are supposed to be so cozy.


Paris – I have never been to Paris, and I would really love to have my first time there be at Christmas time.

These are my top five places I would go, but honestly the list could go on and on and on.

What place would you go if you got the chance?

Merry Christmas

15 thoughts on “Christmas travel bucket list

  1. Would love to do New York at Christmas – I don’t have a bucket list but if I did NYC would definitely be on it. I think Christmas has always been something I’ve done domestically but maybe one day we’ll travel for an alternative festive experience!

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