Christmas with pets

Christmas is all about love and family, and what is more worthy of our love than our beloved cats and dogs? (Or any other cute pets you might have)

So today’s post is all about how to make Christmas extra special for the pets in our lives.


I’ve always made sure there’s a gift for the family pets. Since I don’t have any pets right now, that means a gift for my parents dogs to put under the tree. A good tip: if it’s something they can eat wait to put it under the tree until it’s time to actually open the presents or you might have a gift massacre as the bigger pets like cats or dogs might be tempted to try and get to it.


Christmas means we humans eat a lot. Actually the word over eating can often be used to describe our habits around Christmas. So take the time to give your pets some extra exercise. And I bet they will love a few extra walks or more play. Bonus is that a tired pet takes all the crazy around Christmas more relaxed.


It’s tempting to over treat your pets at Christmas but keep in mind that our pets often eat a very “simple” diet consisting of mainly the same things every day. Suddenly getting lots of Christmas treats can be hard in their little tummies. So limit the treats a bit and give some extra love instead.


Christmas often involves travel and that can be stressful for everyone especially pets. If you travel with your pets, I recommend bringing their favorite bed/blanket and place it somewhere “safe” and let people know that when your pet is on their blanket they should be left alone. Bringing their own food bowl, favorite toy and crate (if they like their crate) is other good ways to make it all go more smooths. Also adding a few extra walks (again) will help.

I hope you and your pet will have a wonderful Christmas.

Love, Tea

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