Christmas self care

Christmas time means family, partying, decorating and going to about a million social functions at work, school, friends and so on. On top of that we are bombarded with all these expectations about how Christmas should be, our bank account scream bloody murder and the weight is slowly creeping up. So it’s no wonder that Christmas is a time that is filled with stress, and a time a lot of people as they get older start to hate.

So today I’m gonna talk about a few Christmas self care tips for the holiday.

Say no:

So my first one is probably also the hardest one, but saying no is so important. Yes, someone might feel a bit sad that you couldn’t make it to their party, but if they love you or care about you they will understand. And if they don’t, well fuck them.

Buy not bake:

We all love homemade cookies, cakes and treats. But it’s okay to say stop, and go buy them instead. If you wanna do christmas cookie decorating with the kids, it’s perfectly okay to buy premade cookies and have them decorate those. Same goes for confection, candy and hot chocolate.

Take a break:

It’s okay to take a break from everything crazy christmas. Take a long bath, read a book, do your nails, go out for coffee. What ever gives you a break from all the christmas madness, do it. Maybe you can schedule a whole day of just you time. Or maybe you can do a couple of hours. What ever you can do, I promise you it’ll feel so good. And yes, Christmas will still happen even if you take a break.

Turn down on the gift madness:

Are you stressed out over a mile long gift list? Ripping hair out having to wrap them all? Try making gift giving deals with the adults in your life, about cutting down on the gift giving. You can also choose to order online to collect in the store (often still an option this close to christmas). That way you avoid the madness and just have to go collect it all. Giving gift cards is another great way to cut down on the stress, and who doesn’t love a gift card to their favorite store? Bonus is that most things go on sale in january, which means more stuff for the same amount of money.

Eat healthy:

Christmas is filled with sugar and fat and heavy meals. Swapping a few of those with something a bit more healthy might give you a bit energy back and your body will probably love you for it. Try making a fresh kale or red cabbage salad, with orange, apple, dates and walnuts. Taste amazing and christmassy.

I hope some of these tips are gonna help you have a bit more relaxing christmas.

Merry Christmas
Love, Tea

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