My mom’s Christmas decorations

Each year we celebrate Christmas at my parents’ place, and going to their house (no matter where they live) is bound to make my Christmas spirit top 200%. Why? Well, it’s a lot of things. It’s the feeling of being with loved ones, the act of coming “home” and then of course my mom has the best Christmas decor in the world.

A lot of it I can remember from when I was a little kid, and her whole style is very old school with a few funky things thrown in for fun. So today’s post is gonna be all about sharing pics of my favorite things.

In the corner of the kitchen is the grey couch and right above it is these cute little baubles
on top of their cabinet is this cheeky little guy
These two are standing in the kitchen window listening to the radio
These little love birds are hiding in the living room
A couple of santas on the piano
Old school Christmas decor
This old forest gnome is lighting the way
The middle of these three was my childhood Nisse, and he still brings candy to my kids when here at my parent’s place.
Three little silly elfs hiding on a shelf
The stairs are decorated with branches, lights and golden decorations.
The Christmas goat is an old old tradition. They can be traced back to the old viking days where people would make these in winter time as an offering to the god Thor in the hopes of a good spring and summer. Most people aren’t aware of it, but Thor wasn’t a war god (those were Odin and Tyr). Thor was the protector of the land and he controlled the natur power, so he was the god who needed to be happy when wanting a good harvest, or he might make it drown in rain or dry out. This style of Christmas goats is actually swedish and came to denmark around 1945 🙂
This old guy is keeping watch of the candy in the kitchen
A few funky angels on the coffee table

There you are. Some of my favorites.

How does your house look for christmas?

Merry Christmas
Love, Tea

2 thoughts on “My mom’s Christmas decorations

  1. What gorgeous decorations. It reminds me of my Nanna’s decorations with the cute little Christmas figures! I adore the staircase, I don’t have a staircase, but that decor makes me want one!


    Hope you and your family have a wonderful a Christmas.

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