Blogging goals for 2020

New years eve grows close and it feels like the perfect time to look back at the year that’s gone by.

As I write this, my blog is 3 months and a few days old, and I am floored by the amount of support and interest people have shown it. The blogging community have been amazing and I have only met wonderful people out there.

Since I launched my blog 1823 people have visited, 3976 pages have been shown. I’ve recieved 682 likes on my content, and gotten 568 comments.

172 people have somehow found my blog so interesting they decided to follow it.

Looking at these numbers as I’m writing them is humbling and fills me with a mix of joy and nervous energy. Joy because maybe, just maybe, I can touch or help a few people with my posts. And nervousness because I’m still so new at this I feel a bit like a fake. What do I really know about this? Can I really deliver the good content that my readers deserve to read? I’m sure that I’m not the only new blogger that feel like this and I do hope it’ll be less as my blog grow older. I might not be the wisest woman out there, but I do want to share what I do know ❤

As I’m getting ready to step into 2020 I’m working on what I want for the future of my blog.

Grow my numbers.

I am aware that it isn’t a numbers game, but I still want to see my blog reach more people. I would be lying if I didn’t say that while numbers isn’t everything, reaching people is part of the idea behind a blog. If I didn’t want to reach people I might as well keep a secret diary 🙂 I plan on doing that by posting consistently, making great content, and upping my social media game.

Make the blog break even.

I’m not looking to make the blog my living (though that would be enormously cool) but I do hope that I can make it break even in 2020. This mean generating enough income to cover the cost of running the blog. I’m still looking into different ways of doing this, but I really like the idea of printables, and I’ve got a few other ideas brewing around.

Start a news letter.

I’m still on the fence about this one. I know people say it’s super effective, but I just feel like I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what to write in a news letter. I guess I would feel like I’m just repeating myself and might as well just post it on the blog. But I’m doing research and hopefully I’ll get an answer soon enough.

What’s your goals for 2020? Be it blogging or life 🙂

Love, Tea

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