Christmas wreaths

For me, giving that first impression of Christmas is super important and I always try to make a nice and inviting wreath for my front door. I like to use mostly natural products mixed with a few not so natural parts to bump it up to the next level. Mostly I use the colors green, [...]

Finnish Bread

Why are these cookies called Finnish bread? No one actually knows. We know the recipe appeared around 1900 and that the author of the cookbook traveled a lot, so maybe she got inspired by a Finnish cookie and called her creation Finnish bread 🙂 Bakers please note: These cookies are soft when hot and will [...]

Vanilla Wreath Cookies

Bakers, please note that these cookies come out of the oven soft and will only harden once cold. Makes approximately 75 Ingredients: 50 grams of almonds (blanched)165 grams of cold butter220 grams of flour110 grams of sugar1/2 an egg1/2 the content of a vanilla bean or the equivalent essence or vanilla sugar. Instructions: Run the [...]


Every kid knows that Santa has helpers. Little creatures that do the stuff Santa doesn’t have time to do when he’s busy making presents. These little creatures move into your home in December and help spread the Christmas cheer. In the USA you find the elf on the shelf, as an example. But here in [...]

Christmas Playlist

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the Christmas music. It just brings so much cheer and joy to my heart, and there are so many good memories connected to Christmas music. Now, I’m very oldish when it comes to my Christmas. I don’t need any of that fancy new music. No, I just [...]