Blogging ideas for January

January is in full swing. People have started working again and life is filled with busy busy things. All of this can make it hard to come up with new blogging ideas for january, but don’t worry, I got you covered ❤

  1. Goals for 2020
  2. Recap last years blogging ups and downs
  3. Recap last years ups and downs
  4. Favorite 2019 blogposts
  5. New planner/journal
  6. Reading list for 2020
  7. Travel wish list for 2020
  8. Share your “in 10 years I’ll be” dreams
  9. Favorite “go to” healthy food in january
  10. Favorite exercise
  11. Tell us about your holiday break
  12. January nail colors and designs
  13. Favorite blogging moment of 2019
  14. Favorite social media moment of 2019
  15. Favorite fitness apps
  16. Favorite clean out tips
  17. How to better budget in 2020
  18. Biggest lesson I learned in 2019
  19. Best self care tips to start the new year
  20. Biggest dream for 2020
  21. Favorite 2019 songs
  22. Favorite 2019 books
  23. Favorite 2019 movies
  24. Favorite january go-to outfit
  25. Show your christmas presents
  26. Vision board for 2020
  27. 5 favorite creative pastimes
  28. Your monthly checklist
  29. Meal planning
  30. No cost date ideas
  31. Best place to eat in your town
  32. Apps you love
  33. What’s on your playlist
  34. Best tips to relax after a stressful day
  35. Decluttering tips
  36. Top bloggers you look up to
  37. Tv shows you’re looking forward to in 2020
  38. Favorite vegetarian/vegan food option when going out
  39. Your favorite instagram photos of 2019
  40. your favorite pinterest posts of 2019

I hope you find some inspiration here and have a wonderful start of 2020.

Love, Tea

33 thoughts on “Blogging ideas for January

  1. Starting the NY off right is such a valuable investment! I especially like reflecting on the biggest lesson of 2019, mine was taking advice from unqualified individuals who didn’t have my best interest at heart. This year I am doing things differently and so far I am loving the motivation.

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