How I organize my blogging

If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to have a whole string of blog post ideas ready. I like to have at least 50 ideas waiting, and around five of those already written and ready to be posted in case I need a backup.

I’m sure every blogger has their own way to keep track of their blogposts, and today I’m gonna share mine.

The program:

I use scrivener as my blog organizer. If you don’t know scrivener, it’s a program made for writers, which is how I found it. It can be downloaded for PC and Mac and be used as an app on your phone, and the price is reasonable.

The program lets you make a new project and in that project makes a lot of folders and documents.

My set-up:

I have a project called blog (huge surprise)and in the project I’ve set it up like this:

My first folders are my yearly overview. Each folder contains a document for each month, and in those documents I plan my documents.

Below those I have my different blog subjects with their sub-subjects lined up. My subjects correspond with my categories on my blog.

Then I simply make a document in the correct subject (or sub-subject) folder and write my blog post.

The cool stuff:

One of my favorite things about working in scrivener with my blog posts is the ability to link inside the project. When I write or start a planned blog post I can link it to my over view document for that month.

I can also change the icon for each document so I know where it is in the process.

The best thing though is the ability to work on phone and computer (it links through Dropbox for me, but that depends on how you set it up). Basically it means that I can be on the go, get inspired and note it directly into my blog project. No need for scraps of paper or trying to remember.

Are you a blogger? What kind of system do you use to organize your blogging?

Love, Tea

36 thoughts on “How I organize my blogging

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m on such a tight budget that I’m trying not to spend any more money. My next spending is to upgrade to a paid mailing list. Ty unhappy with the one I have. I’m so glad this works gir you.

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    1. I’m old school. I use a journal. A blog journal to be more exact. I write out my goals for the month or year and lost out post ideas in there. I carry it in my bookbag when I’m at the coffee shop or keep it at my desk. I also keep my mail goals types in my notes on my phone which automatically shares it to my iPad and Mac.

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  2. I’ve never used Scrivener… never even heard of it before actually!

    I tend to use a combination of Google Sheets, Google Docs and the WordPress app on my Kindle. You can work on draft files offline and upload them when you have a connection.

    They’re all free tools too!

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  3. I love seeing other people’s organization methods, I’m such a nerd but I LOVE organization! I created my own spreadsheet to keep track of my posts and my social media promotion. I always like to be 2 months ish ahead of schedule and have content already scheduled as it keeps the stress levels down for me massively! xxx

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  4. I like seeing how people stay organised with their blogging and their planning. I am nosey like that ha ha! I just notebooks and the WordPress app as well as on my MacBook. Writing my schedule down! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading more on your blog! Xx

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  5. Blooming ell this is impressive!! I don’t organise at all. I do need to get a system like this though and it is one my writer friend also recommended. I may purchase this year in pursuit of writing more. Thanks Tea for the inspiration :-)!

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  6. I Love love love organisation and this sounds absolutely brilliant. I’ve never heard of Scrivener, will definitely have to check it out. I used to use trello when I first started out and found that helpful but this sounds like it would be better suited to keeping my blog organized. I find when I have stuff planned I don’t stress as much, I love having content prepped for at least a month a head and I’ve found I’ve slacked recently so your post is just what I needed. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Jordanne ||

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  7. This looks like such a handy tool! I use the notes app in my phone for hashing out rough ideas for new content but then I just draft it all straight into a new blog post and edit it until it’s ready for publishing. I might look into a third party tool to help me get a bit more organised with things – thanks so much for sharing! xx
    El //

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  8. Wow! I am envious of your organisation skills! This looks like an amazing tool, at the moment I just kind of jot down any ideas in a notebook, or something on notes on my phone if I’m on the go. I think I need to adopt this kind of organisation system though, this seems much more efficient!

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    1. I especially enjoy that all my notes are jotted down directly in the project so I don’t end up loosing notes somewhere. I used to use a notebook, but honestly, I’m such a neatfreak, so any little mistake (spelling, starting a sentence wrong and so on) make me want to start on a new page. So much better to have it all electronically hehe

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  9. I haven’t heard of this before, it sounds great.

    I use a sparkly clever spreadsheet which I love but I have also started a bullet journal which I adore.

    It’s making me feel very inspired.

    Like you, I have so many ideas and posts planned. It always feels like a real achievement x

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  10. Ooh! I used an excel spreadsheet to put them in a monthly calendar and then a notepad as I’m having ideas. I’ve got scrivener though and never considered using it like this – that’s a brilliant way. Will definitely be having a play there!

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