How to get more traffic on your blogposts

Writing a good blogpost can be hard, but there’s a lot of good advice out in the world (Like this great post from Jenny in Neverland) so I’m not gonna talk too much about that today. What I am going to talk about is how to get some more engagement on those blog posts.

This blog might be new and I’m no expert, but I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years so I do have some experience.

Share your post.

So, you’ve written the perfect blog post, what then? Most people aren’t gonna see it unless you make it visible. I like to share it on my social media platforms. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all good places to share.

If you wanna drive some extra traffic, sharing your post in Twitter blog share threads is effective but it only works if you put in the time. Other places to share is Blogarama, Bloglovin, Mix, and Blog post vote up.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve probably heard it before. SEO. It sounds so technical and difficult but it doesn’t have to be. There’s some really nice guides out there that can tell you all about it, but basically it’s about telling search engines exactly why they should pick your blogpost / site to put in front of people looking for exactly what you write about.

Make them easy to comment on

People today aren’t willing to waste time. If they read your blog post but can’t find where to comment, they leave without doing it.

So making it clear where to comment is super important. Yes you want your readers to see a few of your other posts, but if they have to search between advertisements, ads for other blogposts and your author description, they’ll most likely give up.

The same goes if the comment section is too complicated. If they have to fill out too much information, sign in, and do weird picture puzzles, they say “fuck it” and move on.

Mobile friendly

Which leads me to the last point on this list. Mobile friendly. Today, a lot of people use their phones for a lot of their social media browsing. So if you want more engagement on your blog make them mobile friendly. If your target audience is sitting on their phones, browsing twitter and see your blog post, they will most likely go directly to your blog and not like it and wait until they get home. So if your site isn’t mobile friendly you could potentially loose a lot of readers, but you’ll also have a lot of negative traffic (people who go to your site but only stay for seconds, which search engines doesn’t like, but that’s a post for another day)

I hope my advice has inspired you a bit ❤

Love, Tea

34 thoughts on “How to get more traffic on your blogposts

  1. Great tips. Most of them are Google centered with only social media sharing although I think they consider them too.
    Pinterest has proven to be the best social platform for a blogger.

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  2. Excellent tips! Whilst I try to not get too bogged down on numbers, it is always nice to have more people reading your content. I’m hoping to move to WordPress by the end of the year, which hopefully will allow me to boost my SEO too!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  3. This is all great advice. I have recently started my blog so looking to get all the advice I can. One thing I have noticed that you also mentioned here is making it easy to comment on your blog, I have wanted to leave comments on blog posts that I have liked and it is so difficult, I either can’t because I don’t have an account or the comment section is closed it is so frustrating.

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  4. I’ve recently started paying more attention to SEO on my posts and am gradually working my way through old posts and updating it on those too. No idea if it’s making any difference but it’s worth a try! Steff x

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