4 reasons to buy yourself flowers

Today I wanna talk about flowers. Flowers are wonderful, they brighten your home and at least for me, they bring a smile to my face. While fresh flowers can be damn expensive, I’m lucky that my local grocery store sell freshly cut flowers for fairly cheap. Sometimes they even have them on sale, which means extra many flowers in my apartment.

I recently read about some studies done on flowers and how they impact on people. And the study shows that flowers can do all kinds of good things for our mental wellbeing.

So here’s 4 reasons why you should buy flowers for yourself.

Increase happiness

Not only do the act of receiving flowers make you more happy, but having flowers around you (even if you buy them yourself) increase your general happiness and outlook on life.

Less negativity

With flowers around, you’re less likely to become negative over the little things in life. Now. I’m not saying flowers will make you smile when told someone died, but it will make you less likely to feel bummed out if your favorite mug breaks.

More energy

Fresh flowers will give you more energy and you’ll be more likely to get the small tasks done around your home if you have then around.

Increase creativity

Fresh flowers have shown to increase creativity. So if you are struggling getting your creative juices flowing, run to the flower shop and get a bright little handful of flowers for your workspace.

Birthday flowers from my boyfriend

So ever doubted if you should buy yourself flowers? Don’t doubt anymore, and go out and buy them 🙂

Love, Tea

55 thoughts on “4 reasons to buy yourself flowers

  1. As a gardener I am ALWAYS in favour of fresh flowers in the house. I tend not to buy them so much these days as we’re lucky enough to grow our own but you’re absolutely right about how they make you feel better and more uplifted. Such a little thing but an important part of self-care too, I think x

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  2. I am all about buying yourself flowers! My favorite ones are sunflowers and carnations. They are such happy flowers and I love all the bright colors. You’re right – flowers can make you feel really happy 🙂

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    1. So true. And no one says you have to buy the big fancy bouquets every time. I like to just buy the simple cut off flowers from my local store. No fancy ness, just bright pretty colors.


  3. My mum always insists on having fresh flowers and I have to say that I do notice a change in the atmosphere compared to when they’re not there. They seem to make everything happier and brighter! x


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    1. Lol posted my reply before done writing. Brain fart hehe. What I was gonna say was that yes, flowers can do wonders. Sometime I feel my apartment is all gloomy and all it takes to brighten it up is fresh flowers 💐

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