My favorite posts of 2019

2019 was such an exciting year for me as a blogger. I started my new blog and it’s grown like crazy and I’m so grateful. I have managed to post a lot of posts on my blog, and while I love them all there’s more than a few of them that stands out. Today I’m gonna share my favorite posts with you all.


My post about motivation is one of my favorite posts, and I often go back and read it when I need a kick in the arse.

Claiming my name.

One of the biggest things for me in 2019 was that I claimed my name online. It was nerve wracking to do, but I’ve not regretted it one little bit. Writing this post was probably one of the best tings I did.

Claiming my instagram

I had a very love hate relationship with instagram, but in 2019 I claimed it as my own and I’ve been so much happier with it ever since.

Love yourself challenge.

My love yourself challenge was born from the need to love myself more. And I was quite happy for the way it turned out. It never did get much attention despite my best efforts in sharing it with the world, but it still deserves a mention here.

These four are my favorites of 2019.

What blog post was your favorite of 2019? Did you write or read a blogpost that made you go “wow”? I would love to hear about it in the comments ❤

Love, Tea

25 thoughts on “My favorite posts of 2019

  1. I love looking back on my own content like this. Sometimes I scroll through my archives and find ones I’ve forgotten (I have just under 500 posts so I guess that’s expected) and totally fall in love with an idea for a post again x


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  2. I don’t think I’ve read any of your faves so thank you for the links, I’ll have to rectify that! My favourite was also one of my most popular, it was my first outfit post and I was talking about learning to celebrate my achievements. I’m still proud of that one and it seemed to chime with a lot of people too 🙂 x

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