5 things you might not know about me

Blogging can often be a very personal thing, and still, sometimes I feel there is a bit of a distance. So today I’m gonna break down that wall a little and share 5 things you might not know about me.

I write strange, dark stories.

So, anyone who’s read my about page will have noticed I mention being an author, but I don’t talk a lot about my writing here on my blog. My first novel is called Dragon Slayer and is an urban fantasy, and it’s just waiting for me to feel secure enough in my writing to actually publish it.

I also enjoy writing horror stories and as my sister says, I might have a slight weird addiction with everything dark and scary and creepy. My head is filled with all kinds of crazy facts about everything from torture to how to get rid of a body – all for research of course.

I’m in a long distance relationship.

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but it’s not something I’ve talked a lot about (though I do have a few posts planned about it). My boyfriend is Finnish and is currently studying, to become and engineer, in Tampere.

It was the classic boy meets girl online, we started chatting and without ever wanting to I feel in love, and thankfully he did too. We planned to meet, and when we said goodbye 13 days later, we had no doubt that this was it for us.

I’m not gonna lie, being that far apart can suck, but we make it work, and I bet we talk more every day than most married couples.

My parents were hippies.

I’m talking leather sandals – raise your own sheep to get the wool to make your own blankets – sitting around a fire singing songs – hippies.

It was amazing as a kid, and I learned so much form my parents. I would never exchange it for anything. But, growing up in a small community it did mean I was the weird kid. Good thing I never minded being seen a weird.

As they have grown older, they have become less hippie, and more – living in a nice town house, working high paying jobs – But they still fight the good fight for those who need it.

I got two kids.

It’s no secret that I got kids as I mention them often and they are often inspiration for my blog posts.

But few of you probably know that my kids are 13 and 10 years old. I had just turned 21 when I got my first kid and 2½ year later I got number two. Getting kids that young wasn’t always easy, but the hard is drowned by all the good, so it’s all fine. But no, I don’t recommend getting kids that young.

Married and divorced

I was married at the age of 20, in December in a snow storm (probably should have taken that as a sign). And I was divorced a month before I turned 30 (happy birthday to me). It was a whirlwind marriage, and the divorce was drawn out and felt like shit. He stated he wanted a divorce in august 2015, in December 2015 (we were still living in the same house) he started dating a new woman. To say it was a fucked situation is an understatement.

So, there you have it.

5 facts about me you might not have know.

Would you like to see any of these as a blog post? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Tea

16 thoughts on “5 things you might not know about me

  1. I’m sorry about your rough divorce, but I’m glad you’re in a good relationship now (even though distance does kind of suck). I love hearing about your kids! They are lucky to have you! Thanks for sharing🙃

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  2. I’m sorry for the shit divorce you’ve been through, but (how stupid it sounds) everything happens for a reason and i’m sure you’re finding your reason now with your amazing boyfriend. ❤️✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad you’re in a happy relationship now. Raising sheep sounds fun! Our old neighbor had sheep. I want chickens and goats but will wait til the kids are big enough to help with them.

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