I’m on Facebook

I’ve been debating this a lot back and forth, and I’m still not convinced 100 percent that it’s gonna work, but I’m throwing myself out into it.

So, I’m now also on Facebook.


I would love for you to be my friend if you are on Facebook too 🌸

Love, Tea

11 thoughts on “I’m on Facebook

  1. I know the feeling – of all the platforms Facebook is my least favourite – I just went back to my personal account the other day after a long two year break – still tossing up whether to do an authors page and post from the blog so keep me updated! Will follow you from my personal page for now

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    1. Thank you and yeah, I’m not a huge Facebook fan and my personal page is just for keeping track of family stuff. But I’m gonna give it six months and see how it goes and if it sucks I can always declare it a failure and stop 😋

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      1. I was looking you up to follow over there but I think later I did find you in the end – sorry sound like an idiot now – I’m not on Facebook much actually haven’t been on there for two years just returned this week as was thinking about doing an authors page. Anyhow long story – short – think I’ve sorted it now thanks. 😊

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  2. Ahh I’d love to see how this goes! I deleted my personal facebook account years ago now and I go back and forth on whether or not to reactivate it or start another so I can create a page for my blog. Some people seem to get great traffic from it but I’ve never enjoyed using it as a platform x


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