10 Fun (and romantic) Valentine’s Day acitivites

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance. While I’m a firm believe that love should be shown every day, I also think that celebrating extra a few times of year, where you take time out of the calendar to really care for each other, is healthy for any relationship.

But, as we all know, Valentine’s Day is a rather commercial day and flowers, chocolates, restaurant and so on can end up being rather expensive.

So today I’m gonna share 10 free or low cost but romantic Valentine’s Day activities for you to do together.

The classic:

Set up a candle light picnic at home. If you got kids get them out of the house and spend an evening together with no tv, phone or kids to distract you.

Go to the place you met:

Most people have a specific place they met or fell in love. So go back and refresh the memories of that first fluttering love.

Go window shopping:

One of the most romantic evenings I’ve had with my boyfriend included a long stroll in the dark, window shopping. It was the perfect way to learn more about each other and sharing dreams for the future. End it with hot chocolate and cake at a local coffee shop or cafe.

Picture trip:

Dress warm, but dress up, grab your camera and set out in nature to take pics of the one you love. Print the pics and make a memory book together. This is also a great way to start a cute tradition.

Write a poem:

You don’t need to be a big poet to pour your heart into a poem. All you need is honesty and a bit of fantasy.

Rent a movie:

Loads of streaming services offer renting of newer movies yet not offered other places. It’s cheaper than the cinema and you get to chose exactly what snacks to eat.

Go out for lunch:

Going out for dinner can be really expensive, especially on Valentine’s Day where a lot of restaurant offer special menus with the prices turned up. But who says romance can only be done for dinner? Take your love out for a lovely lunch and spend the night at home instead.

Go to the beach:

If you live close to the beach, then grab your loved one and a small glass jar. Collect little sea shells, pretty stones and other funny bits and pieces. Close the jar back home and note the date on it. It’s a cute little reminder about your Valentine’s Day, and if you end the trip with coffee and cookies it’s gonna be perfect.

Take away dinner:

If you wanna have a romantic dinner but don’t wanna spend a fortune or sit in an over crowded restaurant, and don’t want to spend the whole day cooking, then take away is perfect. A lot of restaurants offers real dinners and desserts as take away. Bonus if you set up a romantic spot and go in the car to star gaze while eating

Living flowers:

Wanna keep it traditional but not spend a million on flowers and chocolate. A living flower in a pot is often a lot cheaper than cut roses and lasts a lot longer. And if you chose chocolate in a normal box instead of the heart shaped one, you can often save a pretty penny.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What has been your favorite romantic day? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Tea

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