5 ways to take control of your weekend

We all know the feeling. We get home from work Friday after a super long week. We collapse on the sofa, turn on the TV, blink, and suddenly it’s Sunday and you haven’t gotten a thing done.

So today I’m gonna share my best tips on how to take control of your weekend.

Make a plan

Start Thursday evening and write a plan or to-do list for the weekend. Put it somewhere visible so you see it all the time (I recommend the fridge)
It doesn’t have to be a very detailed list. A to-do list with bulletpoints works just fine. Remember to put in other things than cleaning and laundry. Plan a walk in the forest, coffee shop visit or other fun weekend things.

Set an alarm.

No, I’m not telling you to get up super early on your weekends. But not sleeping half the day away will make you more productive, and as a bonus you won’t ruin your sleep patterns completely for the week.

Use timers

Are you easily sucked into binge watching a whole series in a weekend? Try setting a timer and put it across the room. Time it so it fits with the episode you want to watch. It’ll force you up and moving, breaking you from the “just one more episode” coma.

Plan your meals

Most people are pretty good at planning food for the weekdays. But when it comes to weekends we tend to grab unhealthy stuff on the go. Spending way to much money, and lowering our energy by filling up on fat and carbs. Instead try planning for your weekend meals, and as a bonus it’ll have you moving if you have to go cook.

Show up and dress up

I’m sure you have some kind of morning routine before work/school. Shower, makeup/shaving, getting dressed and so on. Try making a morning routine on the weekends too. It doesn’t have to be the same as on the weekdays, but having a routine tells our body that now it’s time to get up and get going.

And lastly, remember, it’s okay to have a lazy weekend once in a while. We can all have the need to be couch potatoes and binge watch our favorite shows.

Do you have any tips for getting a productive weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Tea

41 thoughts on “5 ways to take control of your weekend

  1. I love lazy weekends! It’s not always possible what with all the housework and I also work from home so it’s hard to find a break. But when I do, a lazy weekend (or week day) is usually my go-to self-care idea.

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  2. Setting an alarm for a Saturday can seem like the last thing you want to do but boy oh boy does it work – I often wake up pretty naturally most days but being up and functioning by 9-10am on a weekend can make your days so much more productive! I love the timer idea for sure too! x

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  3. I’m starting to wonder if wearing makeup would make me any more productive or lively. I wear it to church most Sundays, on the rare date night, and when I record for YouTube. That’s about it. The rest of the time I’m living the leggings life and can probably be found in one of my husband’s sweatshirts. I should probably put on “real clothes” more often to make that work! It’s probably like when I worked in medical offices I rarely wore scrubs because they were so comfy like pajamas I could tell I slowed down and wasn’t as productive the days I wore them!

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  4. I work as a blogger so it’s so difficult for me to “switch off” at the weekend when I don’t have any set working hours. I try and give myself Saturdays off but it just doesn’t work for me and I just end up wasting the day and napping for hours! So I definitely need to make a plan on my weekends so I don’t fall into that trap xxx

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  5. These are great tips! I know I always feel better waking up at the same time I do for work on the weekends (6:30 am) and making plans for the weekend and getting things done.
    So wasteful to not use the time we have on being productive and well.

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  6. Planning the meals is super important as me and my hubby often spend the weekend umming and aahing about what to get before caving in to a takeaway – which isn’t good budget wise! I love the idea of starting plans on a Thursday though. Thanks for these tips!

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  7. I love these tips, Tea. Making a plan would definitely help me get more out of my weekends, which mainly involve running around after my daughter and her various activities! Need to get some self-care time in there somehow, so setting a timer is a good one to try 🙂

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  8. These are great tips, Tea! Thank you for sharing! You are right, the weekends can go so quickly and before we know it, it is Monday again. Getting up early is such a great way to be productive, I like to get all my tasks done in the day then I can enjoy relaxing in the evening. Making a plan is such a good idea – life is so much more organised with a to-do list! Fab post! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  9. I love the balance in this! I hate feeling like my weekend gets wasted. Yes I sleep a little longer and read a little more. Relaxing is important but if I don’t make an effort to be productive I end up feeling restless and discontent.

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  10. I love the idea of creating a morning routine for your weekend! I’m going to start doing that, I think it will really help me kick start the day (especially when all I want to do is lie in bed lol). I find lists always help me, too ☺️ I keep my weekly planner open on my kitchen worktop so what I have to do that day is always on show!

    Beka | http://www.bekadaisies.com

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  11. I love this! I use timers for absolutely everything otherwise I’d just sit in front of the tv for the whole week through haha. It can be so hard to be motivated at the weekends but I really love your idea of having a visible to-do list! We have a whiteboard in our kitchen that we use for meal planning but I might start adding our to-do list to that!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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    1. To-do lists can really be a “life saver” when it comes to weekends. Especially if you like me love putting that little check mark in front of things. Just remember to put the good things on there too. Like a nice walk or an hour with a book.


  12. This is a really great post! It’s so easy to fall in to that trap of having a quiet weekend one after the other. Your blog post is full of tips and tricks to help people become more motivated and actually enjoy their time off more. Thanks for sharing✨ xx

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  13. Great tips! I’m useless at making the most of weekends – I always try and set an alarm but 9/10 times I’ll snooze it and wake up hours later 😂 I think there’s the satisfaction of hitting the snooze button right up to the limit and going back to sleep knowing you don’t have to get up for work! At the time anyway – once you’re awake and you realise how much you’ve slept in you end up feeling pretty mad at yourself! Xx

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