March roundup

Another month have gone, which honestly feels crazy. How are we already 3 months down this year? Wasn't it new year like 3 weeks ago? Life: Life this month have been absolutely crazy. So, it all started out pretty well. I bought my new (used) bike. It’s wonderful. A soft baby pink, and runs like [...]


Me and the family was having fun over our family text group, and were coming up with silly words using corona that fit the self isolation most us is living with to some degree or other. We came up with wonders like corona-coffee, corona-cake, corona-cocktails, corona-baby (I’m like 100% sure this will actually be a [...]

A letter to you

Nothing makes me as happy, as knowing you are reading my blog posts, and any other social media update out there. You freaking rock. You will hear people say that they don't care about people reading their blogs. That they don’t care about the numbers, and that numbers doesn’t matter. That they are just writing [...]

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a wonderful thing. It might suck having to actually do it, but it’s amazing when it’s done. Trying to do it all in one day can be almost impossible though, so I recommend spreading it out over a few weekends. Tackle one room at a time, and finish it completely before moving [...]

Morning routine

I've seen a lot of these posts around, and I always think they are so fun to read, so I decided to do my own. My early morning routine changes depending on if the kids are with me or not. As the early morning routine with the kids are mostly trying to heard two kids [...]