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Running a blog is a lot about having an online presence. One of the ways I do that is by having a lot of cool apps on my phone that keeps me online and able to work where ever I am.

(I use an iphone 8, and I can’t talk for these app on other phones)

WordPress app:

I love the WordPress app. Not only does it let you post new blog posts on the go, but it keeps you up to date on comments, visitors and so on. And as a bonus it’s super easy to use.


I’m a twitter nerd and the app lets me keep up to date, play around and discover new cool people and content no matter where I am.

Tweet sponge:

Do you get those people on twitter that follow you, then unfollow you, then follow you, then unfollow you… over and over and over in the hopes of getting you to follow them back and not noticing their follow unfollow game so they can “grow their numbers”?

Well, tweet sponge lets you see who have followed you, who have unfollowed you and a lot of other cool things. I have more than a few people I see do the follow/unfollow game almost daily, and I’ve learned to just ignore them. But, the app really helps you see how your numbers grow, because it shows you what have happened.


Well, this one is kind of a must have if you wanna use Instagram. Instagram is a for phones only, app and unless you use some third party apps, the phone is your only choice. I actually like the phone app a lot and enjoy using it. It’s easy, quick and fun.


The time thief over all time thieves. I personally think using the pinterest app to post my new pins from my blog is the easiest option ever. Me and pinterest on desktop have never been good friends so all my pinteresting happens from my phone.


A few weeks ago I started a facebook page for my blog. I tried their pages app, and absolutely hated it. It’s ugly, confusing and just meh. So, I just use the facebook app if I need to, but mostly I prefer doing facebook on my desktop.


I’ve talked about scrivener and how I use it for my blog planning in this post HOW I ORGANIZE MY BLOGGING and I honestly couldn’t live without it. (okay I totally could but this makes my life so much easier). I use it daily and it’s perfect for jotting down all my ideas or typing out a draft for a blog post on the go.


Okay, so I admit my use of bloglovin’ is a bit sporadic. I’m still very new on bloglovin’ and still getting used to it all, but it does seem like a great app, and I find it easier to use than on the desktop.


This one was a game changer for me. Crowdfire lets you schedule content and post on your different platforms (twitter, instagram, facebook and so on) You can connect it with your blog and schedule the sharing of your posts directly from there. I use it for twitter, and I use the free parts only (you can pay for a monthly subscribtion and it lets you do all kinds of super cool stuff, but it’s way to expensive for me right now) and I love it. It means I can be posting content even when at work or sleeping. It helps reach a broader audience and frees up so much time (that I then use on commenting and goofing off on twitter)


Canva’s app is a cool little tool that I use to make pinterest pins on, on the go. It’s fairly easy to use once you get a hang of it, and it’s free. The cool part is it syncs instantly with the online computer version and I can start a work on the go and finish it at home.


Need a cool pick on the go? Unsplash got you covered. Thousands of free to use pics at your fingertips.

These are my top blogging apps for my phone. Which apps are your favorites? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love, Tea

42 thoughts on “Blogging apps

  1. I also hadn’t heard of unsplash. I’ve been using Pexels. I quite like their app, it’s very easy to use, and has a good range of pictures.
    Facebook doesn’t work for me. Their algorithms hate me.
    The WordPress app is fab. I love that I can read other blogs or blog on the go so easily.
    Canva is quite good, I only use the free version and I’m starting to find it a bit limiting. I’m interested to know whether the paid for Canva is worth the money if anyone can tell me what they think?

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  2. I love Canva so much, I would say it’s probably the most useful app I’ve had for creating things for my blog! I’m also a huge fan of the Twitter app and the Pinterest app, I could waste my life on either haha! I only recently started using the WordPress app properly but I really have been missing out, it’s so useful.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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  3. I honestly never knew about four of those apps! Just knew the usual Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook haha. Will definitely need to look into the others as it is so handy having little tools to help you blog on the go. Thank you for sharing Tea!
    Tori |


  4. A couple of these I had no idea existed! Thanks for the list!

    Also just a heads up on the part about scrivener the link to post doesn’t work.

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  5. There are a few of these apps I haven’t tried. I didn’t get on with the WordPress app on my iPad and my old phone just didn’t have enough storage but I have a different phone now so I will have to revisit it. Thanks for an interesting post x

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    1. I’ve never tried it on an ipad, but it’s brilliant on the phone. Only thing I don’t like about the phone app is the limited options when adding photos to your posts (or maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet)


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