The don’ts of weightloss

(Please keep in mind, that I’m not a doctor or health expert. This is simply what works for me. I recommend talking to your doctor before starting a weightloss journey)

No easy carbs

No, I’m not saying to keep away from all carbs, because carbs are good for us. But things like pasta, rice, and white bread is often empty calories. Meaning you spend a lot of calories and get very little actual substance from it. So limit these things in your diet and substitute with alternatives like cauliflower rice, squash pasta and rye bread.

Don’t drink your calories

This means no sugar filled sodas, no alcohol and no juices. They are often called hidden calories because they don’t make us feel full, and they don’t look like much. You can easily drink 0.5 L apple juice for breakfast, but probably couldn’t eat 5 apples. If you can, always eat your calories.

No junk food

Junk food is calorie bombs where a single meal easily can contain the calories for a whole day. On average a woman should have 2000 kcal a day and a man 2500 kcal. A club sandwich can easily be around 600 kcal, medium whopper menu is around 1100 kcal, pepperoni pizza 1300 kcal. As you can see it’s easy to eat way to much that way, and on top of that they often have a lot of additives, salts and bad fats.

No candy and cakes

This one kind of gives itself. If you wanna lose weight donโ€™t eat cakes and candy. If you want to really treat yourself, a piece of good chocolate is a good way to do it, but keep mindful of the portions and take 2 pieces not 2 whole bars.

Don’t let the scale ruin your day

It’s normal for weight to jump up and down. A lot of factors play into your current weight, like water in the body, when you last went to the bathroom and when you last ate. So it’s quite normal for weight to move up and down from day to day. The important part is if the curve moves in the right direction. This one is really hard as it can feel stupidly unfair to have stayed on track and then go on the scale and have put 500 grams on, but if you’re doing the right things, you will get there in the end.

3 thoughts on “The don’ts of weightloss

  1. This just reiterates what I believe about there being a different path for everyone. We’re not all the same. What works brilliantly for one person kinda sucks for someone else. It’s all about finding your path and enjoying the journey ๐Ÿ™‚

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