The don’ts of weightloss

(Please keep in mind, that I’m not a doctor or health expert. This is simply what works for me. I recommend talking to your doctor before starting a weightloss journey)

No carbs and starches

Now, I’m not doing the LcHf diet. I tried it and it just wasn’t for me. I just ran sour in so much fat in my food and it ended up being boring and tasting the same. But, I am trying to keep the amount of carbs and starches in my diet low. This means I’m keeping away from potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, and beans. Why? Well, carbs and starches like those found in the food above, slows my weight loss down. If I eat 1300 calories on a carb filled diet compared to 1300 calories on a low carb diet, my weightloss is almost twice as fast on the low carb diet. On top of that, those kind of foods have a tendency to make me bloated and feel tired. Now, I do get some carbs and starches, but from my greens.

No soda

This was probably one of the hardest things to stop. I’ve been drinking coke zero almost daily for the last many, many years. Now, most people will probably think “well, coke zero is non calorie” and they would be right. But, that doesn’t mean its actually good for you. And since this isn’t just a diet but a change to be healthy, the daily soda had to go. I’ve had two glasses of soda since January 13th, and both times I felt bloated after so not really wanting to go back.

No junk food

Now, I’m not against junk food and I’m not a health freak. Life needs to have room for the fun stuff too. But, as I started out having 27 kg to lose, I had to face the truth and cut out all the bad stuff that had become a habit. I had to reset my body so to speak. It can be so hard, especially when the kids are eating the stuff I can’t like pizza. But, I also get more confidence in myself every time I face temptation and doesn’t fall for it.

No candy and cakes

This one kind of gives itself. If you wanna lose weight don’t eat cakes and candy. It was really hard the first months time, but now it’s pretty easy to say no.

Don’t let the scale ruin your day

It’s normal for weight to jump up and down. A lot of factors play into your current weight, like water in the body, when you last went to the bathroom and when you last ate. So it’s quite normal for weight to move up and down from day to day. The important part is if the curve moves in the right direction. This one is really hard as it can feel stupidly unfair to have stayed on track and then go on the scale and have put 500 grams on, but if you’re doing the right things, you will get there in the end.

4 thoughts on “The don’ts of weightloss

  1. This just reiterates what I believe about there being a different path for everyone. We’re not all the same. What works brilliantly for one person kinda sucks for someone else. It’s all about finding your path and enjoying the journey 🙂

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