Work from home tricks

Corona is going crazy, and everything is shut down. This means a lot of us have to work from home. And let’s be honest, it’s a lot harder than you imagined.

So, here’s a few tips on how to get work life at home working for you.


I can’t say this enough. Schedule your work time (including lunch break) and only work in that time frame. It’s so easy to be pulled into working a bit here, and a bit there, and a lot of bosses will probably take advantage of the fact that their employees are at the computer all day and send emails with little “can you please” jobs out of hours.

Take breaks

At work you naturally take little breaks away from the desk. You go to the printer, to get a cup of coffee, to talk to a colleague. But at home you don’t have these natural breaks and you’ll easily end up spending hours sitting in front of the screen. That’s bad for you, and your body, so set an alarm, and do something else every 45-60 min.


Doing 2×5 min exercise during the work day will do wonders for your body and concentration. Many of us aren’t leaving home unless it’s 100% necessary, so all the walking to work/car/shopping we normally do have been cut down. It doesn’t have to be crazy exercises, little things help too. It can be doing a few stretches, some jumping jacks, or dancing. Another great thing to do is if you’re talking on the phone and don’t have to take notes, walk around. It all helps your body.

Lunch break.

Schedule your meals during the day so you don’t end up mindlessly eating. It’s so tempting with the kitchen close at hand, and wearing comfy pants, to just eat all day. Suddenly without noticing you’ve eaten a pack of nuts, some chocolate, a few cookies, three pieces of toast, some left over pizza, and of course your lunch, breakfast and dinner. A whole pack of nuts can easily add 600 calories and with the other stuff, you’re suddenly 2000 calories in the plus. Do that 5 days a week for three weeks of selfisolation and you’ll be annoyed the work pants don’t fit when you have to wear them again.

Stay connected

Working from home can be lonely, so stay connected with your colleagues through email or a work text group. Update each other, share tips and tricks and make sure no one is forgotten completely during a time that’s difficult for everyone.

I hope these tips will help you a bit in this for many very weird situation.

Love, Tea

6 thoughts on “Work from home tricks

  1. These are some great tips – especially about taking breaks and making sure you move every now and then! I tend to do some work (when I get any sent lol) and then do a bit of housework in between. With that and making sure the kids are entertained and fed, that’s enough to fill up the working day! Take care, Steff x

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  2. I’ve definitely found keeping a routine helps. During the week when I’m doing my normal working day things feel so much smoother, I have a coffee at the same time I would in the office, I take my lunch at the usual time etc. I think I need to put something in place for the weekends when I’m not working as they just feel so unproductive! x

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  3. Your tricks on working from home are really helpful.
    thanks so much for this blog. Like many others out there, looking for a good job at home has become one of these time’s most frustrating demands. This is why websites like are expected to alleviate the situation- and matched with your suggestions, working from home would surely be a breeze.

    thanks again and please do keep safe.


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