10 ways to de-stress

The world is changing, and the future can feel very uncertain. A lot of people are stressing over their life situation, worry about loved ones, and for some of us, trying to work from home, while homeschooling. So here’s a few tips and tricks to help you de-stress when life gets a bit much.

A hot shower

Nothing can relax as a nice hot shower. Letting that warm water beat the stress right out of you, while the grime of the day is washed away. If you add your favorite body soap it can be pure heaven.

Cooking food

This one only works if you enjoy being in the kitchen. But taking the time to make a good meal from scratch can be mind calming on so many levels. That said, don’t feel bad if you have days where even the thought of cooking makes everything worse, That’s what take away was made for after all 😛

Coffee/tea on the couch

A cup of coffee/tea while taking 20 min on the couch always does wonders. Just concentrate on your breathing and relaxing all over.


When I’m stressing I often end up tensing up in my neck, shoulders and back in general. If you’re like me I recommend some yoga or stretching. They can do wonders for your body and can make you really relax.

Browse Pinterest

When your brain is overworked and running way to fast, browsing pinterest is such a good way to make it calm down. Go search for what ever makes you feel good and let your brain enjoy for 20 min. I recommend puppies, kittens and baby animals in general.

Copy of Kopi af Kopi af Kopi af Saying no is okay

Listen to an audiobook

Audiobooks is a great way to escape for a bit and let the stress of the day go away. Nothing beats having a good book read for you. Combine it with some coffee, tea or cocoa and you got the recipe for a nice break.

Turn of the news

There is such a thing as overload of information. And I promise you, you don’t need to get the latest updates every five minutes. Decide a time each day to check the news, and then try your best to keep from them the rest of the time.


No one can be stressed and dance at the same time and dancing ugly in your living room is bound to release some happy hormones. So put on your favorite song and dance away.


Choose coloring books that’s filled with very intricate drawings and get into the groove. Putting thoughts into and concentrate on the colors is a perfect way to empty your brain.

Lie down and concentrate on your breathing

If everything else fails, just lying on your bed and concentrate on your breathing can do wonders.

I hope these tips are gonna help you

Love, Tea

25 thoughts on “10 ways to de-stress

  1. Oh yes, sitting down with a cup of tea (even if I’ve let it get cold) always works for me. As does a hot shower, I can feel myself relaxing as soon as I step in. Stay safe, lovely lady, thank you for these tips x

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  2. Definitely agree about turning off the news! I’ve been trying to avoid it recently and only checking once a day because the constant updates were starting to make me feel quite anxious. My favourite way to switch off and de-stress is opening a book and trying to get lost in someone else’s world for a little bit x


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  3. Fab tips girl!
    I love the one about sitting on the sofa for 20 mins or so with a coffee. I’m gonna try that tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

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